Monday, March 29, 2010

You could always paint the roses red

On Friday night I finally headed down the rabbit hole and saw Alice in Wonderland. I didnt go with high expectations as alot of the reviews friends had given me didnt exactly rave about the movie and I am usually not a fan of Tim Burton. Overall though I really enjoyed the movie, if nothing more it reminded me of my younger more carefree days where I could watch Alice in Wonderland as many times in a day as I liked. Highlights for me were Mia Wasikowska as Alice - go Canberra girls! Then the Cheshire cat and Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dum. Now I am a bit scared to say this but I actually didnt love Johnny Depp as the mad hatter. Usually i LOVE him regardless of the character but I just dont feel this was his best work, maybe it was just too hyped up? What did you think of the movie?

Saturday afternoon I headed to my friends house and we sat out in the sun (that is nowhere to be seen today) and drank wine, ate cheese and dip and listened to old ninties music. The most fun I have had in ages, until I realised that I had locked my keys in the house. I called a locksmith which was going to be $180 why I didnt become a locksmith I am not sure! So I decided to climb the backwall to see if I could get in through the back. I managed to get to the top of the wall, lost my footing and slided down again, losing the top of my second toe, bruised the whole right side of my thigh, my stomach is purple and it hurts too laugh not to mention my elbows. Yes, I know woe is me! I ended up waiting 5 hours till Brendan got home. Now I can laugh about it but at the time it was extremely frustrating.

Sunday was one of those fantastic lazy days where we slept in got up and cleaned the house (is there anything better than a clean house?) and than Brendan went off to cricket and I went to the handmade markets. I didnt end up buying anything which was disappointing as I had saved some money to spend so instead I might get some stuff off etsy that i have been eyeing. Finally last night we went to the easter egg raffle at the local club. I didnt win anything but my friend won a hamper of easter eggs so all in all it was worth it.

How was your weekend? What did you get up too?

By the way check out Pip's Accessory swap, I am so excited for this one!


  1. i loved alice in wonderland! i thought johnny depp was amazing as always, i wonder why you didn't like him as much hmm..
    my weekend was so lazy but it was nice!
    and i'm definitely checking out the accessory swap ^_^

    xo tiffany

  2. i was the same way with this movie, not a huge fan of Tim Burton but i loveeee johnny depp! :) and overall amazing! i missed the parts that wasn't included from the cartoon though. lol

    FUN!!! i am SOOO excited for the accessory swap!!! i'm in :)

    liberty's new brand for target-- i hope they sell tights!

  3. My weekend was nice. We spent some time with our hobby Geocaching and I visited a flea market, where I bought some books which I use for making envelopes now.

    And on Sunday I was making envelopes, writing letters and had some fun time with my boyfriend.

    I would love to see Alice as well, but we have no money for cinema at the moment. It is so expensive no Alice in cinema for me.

    A clean flat is great. I wish mine would be ready already. I guess I will do more today. :)

  4. I still loved Alice in Wonderland. I thought the scenery was really beautiful! And it was a fun movie.
    It's sitting around eating, having some wine and talking with friends the best! I had a great Saturday night talking with friends and eating her beautiful finger food. It was such a fun night.

    And poor you for hurting yourself :( I've been locked out before and it's horrible. (And I've been locked in the house too...another story maybe a blog post lol).

    Ohh and an accessory swap sounds like so much fun! x

  5. I haven't seen the movie yet. I hardly go to the movies, I'm so lazy. I'm a "wait for the DVD" type of person.
    Thanks so much for mentioning the swap too! YAY!

  6. I think I am the only one who hasn't seen Alice! AHHH! Must go soon!

    And you poor thing - I admire your courage to climb things in order to get into your house!

  7. I tagged you on my blog here:

  8. Ok i feel like i have fallen behind the world, i have to go and see Alice tomorrow.

    That fall sounds incredibly awful! eek. its not fair that locksmiths are so expensive, you already feel bad for locking keys away and then to have to hand over all that cash to be let back in ur own place is just crap. good on you for just waiting! that means you really saved $180 and can blow that on etsy too!!

    Just stumbled across your blog, i love finding other Australian bloggers!

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  12. Honestly, I think I'm one of the few people that claims disappointment in the film. Granted, I did not see it in 3D, but I know the stories and loved them as a child.

    I hadn't heard too much but people definitely hyped the movie up for me. They put it on a pedestal. I wasn't all that impressed...

    It was eye-candy, but there just wasn't much else.

    It was a "good movie" in my mind. But I was expecting more, unfortunately.

  13. i haven't seen the tim burton version, but disney's classic version is coming out tomorrow, i think i'm going to buy it for my girls (so they can watch it over and over). i'm getting a little sick of watching the princess and the frog.

    thanks for the link to the swap! i just joined :)


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