Monday, April 12, 2010

Another week, another mail post

I have to say that everyday the different mail I receive makes my day so much brighter. And the more I receive the more I am inspired to send. When someone makes my day, it makes me want to return the favour and spread the love. I also enjoy reading everyone elses mail post's in celebration of what some would think of as a lost art form. So without further a do, the week in mail....

Bianca has been filling up my mailbox with gorgeous letters this week
Full of gorgeous bits and pieces and of course a wonderful letter.
Mixed CD from mailtag.
The music included on the cd, I have found alot of new music I like.
I also ordered some postcards from her etsy store and look how gorgeously she wraps them and sends them out. Super quick shipping too.
From the wonderful Zoe who also has a new etsy store and is hosting a wonderful giveaway. She included a fanta lipsmacker which I cant stop putting on.
A beautiful card and letter from Erin.

Beautiful Micaela's letter.

From Belen, love receiving letters from this girl.

A thankyou from Sophie for the stationery swap.


A thankyou to Laura.

A postcard to Fabi

Than two postcrossing cards...

Finally Jennifer and I decided to have a direct stationery/mixed cd swap with each other. It was so much fun putting together this package for her...
And Jennifer sent me an email on her way to post my package which I just think is the sweetest thing ever. I will share what is in the packages when they both arrive at their destinations.

I hope that everyone has a good mail week, I am off to write some more letters.


  1. happy letter writing! i got a grape fanta lipsmacker from zoe and i want to EAT it!

  2. Ooo I wish I was opening your letter box.

  3. Did you get a new header??? It looks amazing!

  4. Faiza - their delicious aren't they? I don't think we can buy them in aus.
    Pip- thanks Hun I am definately enjoying it. Excited about your accessory swap I keep seeing things to buy.
    Meghan- I do!! Thankyou the link is at the button of the page.

  5. Another week of very happy mail! It's fantastic. I would be getting excited like you too.
    This just inspires me to make more pretty letters and stationery. I will hopefully write back soon. x

  6. No I've seen Fanta lipsmackers in Priceline. As well as Sprite & Cola ones :) Should be able to track them down...
    Love seeing the mail you get and give - it all looks so cool. I'd never have enough time. Hehe xxx

  7. Wow your mail man must be very busy :)

  8. Wohooo, a postcard for me *heart*!
    You got wonderful mail and the ones you are sending out are cool as well. I can't wait to see this card in my mailbox :)!
    I guess I should mail out some things today as well :D!

  9. cheers to happy mail!!! :)

    i love the new header by the way! and that CD mix from Bianca looks AWESOME!


  10. Good morning from Canada!

    Love your new header, and all the fab mail you've been sending and receiving. Glad you got my letter. I told you my birthday card arrived, didn't I? I love it and it's up on the mantle with all the rest of them. Thank you!

    I got some great new stationery (from the swap, and for my birthday), so I'll be sure to write again soon...

    Until then,
    hope you're having a wonderful week!

  11. woohoo!! love mail!

    i have yet to send out your hair pin. please forgive me....

  12. Oh My Goodness. I think you must be the luckiest girl in the world! I would love to get all that mail!! Oh Boy! Lucky lucky lucky.

  13. AHHHH these remind me of the kinds of letters I used to send my friends. :)
    You are definitely the luckiest person ever. I'm really wishing for some blog friends to mail stuff to right now.

  14. i heart your mailbox --- and outbox!

    that cd reminds me that i better get cracking on mine for the mixed cd swap tiff is hosting!!!

  15. Awesome mail!!! I love it!! Your blog header is so great! Happy day to you!

  16. Oh my, look at all that gorgeous mail! Your mailbox must have been very happy this week, delivering you all that wonderful post. :] I hope you get my letter soon! <3 <3
    - L

    PS: OH MY GEEZ. Looooove your new header, so awesome.


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