Wednesday, April 14, 2010

If I could turn back time

To do:
- 1 x 3000 word essay due Monday
-1 x 1800 word essay due Friday
- 1 x Job application due Friday
- 12 x letters to reply to (this is the one I actually want to be doing)
- 3 x 2 hour lectures to listen to
- plus attending uni and going to work :-(

Why am I blogging? God only knows but it might have something to do with my sanity. I know people probably have alot more going on then I do but at the moment I am just feeling a bit overwhelmed, and having a little whine time seems to help a little.

However Two things Tuesday posts (even late) always cheer me up so here goes....

My new "organisation" board that my mum bought me. Its a bit bare yet but I am sure it wont take long to fill up, plus I want to paint the edges red to match other things in my room.

My Budha he reminds me to be calm and reflect, which I need right now. I heard that it was bad luck to buy them for yourself so I had to get Brendan to buy me one. Plus my miniture baboshka doll, I bought her in Prague so she reminds me of travelling and is soon going to be a little tattoo on my back...

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Also a note on the stationery swap -  I just wanted to say that I realise some people didnt receive a package from their stationery partner. I am really disappointed that some people signed up and didnt go through with it. I wish I could afford to send you all a package to make up for it. My suggestion is you email your partner to see if they sent it late or what the dealeo is? If you dont have your partners contact details email me and I will give them to you. Once again I am sorry but this is the ugly side of swaps and unfortunately there is little I can do :-(

I feel this post is a little all over the place today which is sucky but I think thats just me at the moment.


  1. Wow you're one busy gal :) I have a few baboshka doll from my Dad's travels, they're so cute.

  2. Megan of course whine away - why have a blog if you cannot use it to indulge yourself! Hee hee

    You obviously need a break from your huge list and sometimes it does you good to sit back and remember to breathe!

    Pour yourself a cup of tea and you will have the energy to proceed!


    PS: No idea where that wisdom came from! :)

  3. I hope you soon tear down that to-do list! Sometimes when you just sit down and work for hours you can make a ton of progress and can stop worrying about it. I do that with school projects all the time.

  4. My own "to-do" list isn't as daunting as yours. I have only one task at hand...Clean that darn bedroom with bleach. Yet I still sit here in front of my laptop, reading all the lovely blogs. I hope you get more time to do the things you enjoy - like letter writing. Chores and lectures and things of that nature definitely don't sound fun. I go...yep...I'm going now...putting on the rubber gloves and bleaching the walls...soon...hopefully soon...ok I'm really going to go do it now...

  5. eek! im overwhelmed looking at your to do list!!! goodluck getting it all done!

  6. Your list just made my head hurt - but I know you can do it!!! Good luck!!!

  7. wow... i would feel overwhelmed in your position too! i don't miss school, that's for sure. its amazing to look back and think that what you described used to be my life... you know what? it has never been that hectic since. so i guess when you get it all done, you'll be able to look back and wonder how you did it, and be proud of yourself for it!

    i love your new banner by the way, it really suits you and your blog!

  8. oh dear good luck with your to do list. and heer I am whinging about my dirty house and big washing pile.
    That sucks some people didn't get their stationary pack. I'll be email ing everyone their partners hopefully tomorrow....Work is so busy! EEeeekk. x

  9. have a full plate indeed. I hope you manage to get through it all.

    I also love the new banner..very nice indeed!

  10. Aww your days are so full! I can completely understand why you are feeling overwhelmed. I don't mind if you need to write about it here at all :)

    Keep smiling! And I hope you get everything done. An organisation board would definitely help.

  11. GOOD LUCK GOOD LUCK GOOD LUCK with your epic to do list! i hope you get everything done quickly!
    i always blog when i have real responsibilities haha. procrastination is the best!

  12. i'm right there with ya girl!!! i have two major exams tomorrow and two papers due monday D:

    noooo good! but i wish you luck with all of your to-do list :)
    you have a letter coming your way! it's been sent!

  13. You're blogging because it's fun! And it gets your mind off of other things ;-) But boy, you're one busy girl. You better get to work!!

  14. I love the Buddha & babushka doll :) they're my fav!


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