Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Just a little...

I haven't had much time lately for letter writing and blogging, mainly due to work and uni commitments. I cant complain too much though as from the 26th May I will be on uni holidays for three months so will be able to blog and write my days away. Until then this is my wonderful incoming mail and unfortunately less outgoing, but I will catch up, I promise.


From swap- bot (sometimes I join up for one randomly)

A lovely hair pin from Jozen, I have already had many compliments when wearing it.

An unexpected thankyou card from Rebecca for holding the stationery swap. I love the penguin classic books so adore this postcard.

A lovely card from Tilly across the ditch in NZ. I love the illustration on the front of the envelope.

A wonderful envelope and letter from Garci, this was the back and this...
is the front with the gorgeous Audrey on the front.

Another swap - bot postcard.

A lovely letter from Melody.

Cd's for Tiffanys cd swap going out to Katie. The covers are replicas of portraits from the National Gallery. Sorry about the reflection in the covers, whoops.

Sent out one of Bianca's postcards to lovely Elaine.

And finally one to Zoe at her new address.

I am off to bed to read my book for a while. I am reading 'Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' and it has me completely sucked in. 
Oh and a big "hello" to new followers, so nice to have you here, leave a comment to say hi or if you have a blog, a link, so I can check it out.


  1. Oh I know what you mean with being behind. I didn't write a lot the last days...*smile* But okay, I guess my pen pals will still love me ;)!

    I was really happy about your postcard. Thanks :)! It was a big surprise and made me smile :)! My boyfriend wanted to steal it, as he loves lighthouses and postcards, but I didn't give it to him. It's mine :)!

  2. i think the whole world has been absent from the internet lately!
    and oh how i miss the long summer breaks of college (hehe i have only been out for a year)
    but at least as a school teacher i get two months off!
    btw i love all the packaging of your letters you send and recieve!

  3. new follower here! hehe i just love the envelope garci made for you with Audrey on the front! I LOVE Ms. Hepburn! I actually have 3 old Life magazines from the 50's and 60's with her on the cover that i got framed a few years ago. she is my idol. anyways... here is a link to my blog:

    i'm a newbie, so there's not much on it right now, but i hope someday it will be as interesting as yours!! : )

  4. Glad you got the postcard! I think I read on here that you like Penguin books, I knew I had to send one of those to you!

  5. I love mail posts. I don't know how you have time to write with uni and work full stop. I remember uni was a soul sucker for time.

    I will write back to you soon. And get myself sorted :) Hope life isn't too stressful.

  6. so glad you like your hair pin :)

  7. I'm so jealous you have three months off! Lucky you, I'm guessing thats's just uni though not work? :) The letters you send are so pretty.

  8. Always the important things first :D but wow, three months you lucky girl! new follower

    - Michelle
    LÉS Mm

  9. Just keep thinking of that date in May Megan - you will make it!

    What fab things do you have planned for your 3 month (very jealous) holiday?

  10. I've sent you a fun postcard, very holiday-ish...

    And I've got some lovely stationery waiting to be written on too. A long letter, just as soon as I've got some more time!

  11. i love all these goodies. i really should start getting involved in more swaps. they always look so lovely.

    xo Alison

  12. ooh i love all the pretty packages!!
    tillie always decorates them so cute!!
    and i love that audrey card!!

  13. Lovely mail as always darl! Hope your week was swell! certainly looked like you had a lot of fun ;)

    I'm sipping on the tea you sent me & O M G ! it is divine! I took photos so I shall post about it very soon! eep! love it *hugs*


  14. IT IS A VERY NICE SUGGESTION, THANK YOU LOTS! ........................................

  15. i really love those penguin classics! i need to get some stat!

    & that audrey envelope- PERFECTION for you!!!! makes me happy :)

    your cd covers are so pretty!

    & YES on till's handwriting. She got me in the favorites thing swap and i've fallen head over heels!


    I am looking at your blog before writing you a letter ...

    Have a nice weekend !!



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