Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mail, mail, mail

Thank you so much for your messages of encouragement last week with my to - do list, it got me motivated to dig in and get it done. I didn't think I would have time for letters but I decided to give myself some time off from uni (which inevitably means I will be behind again) the last two afternoons and got some writing done.

A first letter to Shona.

A letter to Emily made from the Frankie paper.

A reply to Lauren, I hope the postie doesn't mind the sideways address but it was the only place it would fit.

 An overdue letter to Kamilla in Poland, envelope courtesy of Bianca.

A reply to a lovely long letter sent by Helen. 

A reply to Micaela.

And remember last week I mentioned the swap between the wonderful Jennifer and myself. This is what I sent out to Jen.


And this is what arrived from Jen on Monday morning. So much gorgeous stationery that I cant wait to send out and my own date stamp, I think I will probably be going a little stamp crazy. We also sent a mixed CD and Jen's had heaps of new music that I hadn't heard before, i love finding new music. Thanks so much Jen for such a fun swap!

My long letter from Helen, aren't the stamps gorgeous?

The lovely Caiti sent me a collection of old photos and postcards that were in the house that she moved into. The old owner didn't want them back so Caiti decided to share them with her blog friends. I loved looking through them all and am going to start sending out some of the postcards soon and am also looking forward to sending a thankyou to Caiti.

A gorgeous postcard from Elaine.

Oh and you only have 2 more days to sign up for my giveaway, make sure you don't miss out!


  1. Your incomings and outgoings are all gorgeous. I love your outgoing envies :) I received a heap of photos from Caiti too, isn't she fabulous?

  2. terrific envie for lauren! happy day megan!

  3. Wow, you're a busy girl with all that mail coming and going! I'll be writing back to you soon, I promise...

    goodness you mail man must be super busy! haha!
    i love all the unique cards!!

  5. i ALWAYS love all of the mail you get! especially the swap between you and jennifer!! have you received my letter yet?

    xo tiffany

  6. all that pretty stationary! what a lukcy girl you are!

  7. Firstly, Mia you've officially made me blush! And thank you Megan for posting the picture and linking to my little piece of the web :)

    I would imagine Dorothy would probably say something like...

    "Oh my gosh - that woman has my photos! Where are...oh my...she's sending out MY postcards?! And to where, Australia?! My photos and postcards are in another continent!?! Well...isn't that something!"

    I found out a few additional tidbits about Dorothy - so I'll have to make a Dorothy post soon!

  8. I am so super excited for your giveaway:)

  9. You have so much wonderful mail! I will write back very soon! Just trying to organise my desk. And the socks are just from Target. I got them for about $4 something :)

    I don't know how you keep up with mail and uni! And work. Good work though!

  10. All of your mail looks awesome! Yay for a letter from you! That letter from Helen looks wonderful, I LOVE those stamps. And congrats on the inheritance of those awesome photos and postcards! <3 <3
    - L

  11. what a lovely network you have spun! happy rainboow dreams.

  12. I can't wait to get your letter! the envelope looks amazing!

  13. the envelopes you make are so pretty and unique. i love them!

  14. what a great gift from your friend Caiti!!!

    i love mail posts and your envelopes are all so pretty! of course i'm really excited to see my name on one of your outgoings ;) i love your letters!!!

    you are always so thoughtful. xoxo

  15. I really cannot believe how much mail I see on your/Gracie/Micaela blog each week!

    Such pretty, pretty post!

  16. Makes me smile :)

    Happy Sunday,
    Hope xx


  17. Awwwh I love this post! thank you for all your sweet comments, so so so glad you love my package! As do i with yours darl! superb! I did a post on it, finally got a chance to go on the comp to do one! hurrah! :)


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