Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Vintage handbags

On the weekend I was lucky enough to be given some of my Nans old handbags from my Pupa (grandpa) . I am very much a "handbag girl" and I especially love vintage bags so I was very grateful. The bags are something I will treasure forever and something I hope I will be able to pass through the generations. I found some lovely things in the bags too that I will share in another post soon.

Embellished clutches

Maroon Glowmesh handbag

My favourite: cream glowmesh handbag
Oroton glowmesh key holder

I am finally sitting down to get started on these assignments. Whilst I would rather be writing letters and watching The Hills (sad i know), it needs to be done. Luckily I still have lots of choccies to get me through. I am also considering going for a jog tonight, for some reason I have really felt like running lately. Any tips to get me started would be much appreciated.

Way too much temptation!


  1. Those vintage bags are lovely. I love the cream glowmesh bag. My mum has a cream glowmesh clutch which I might get from her one day :)

    I hope you get your assignments done. This is one reason why I don't want to go back to uni to do something else.

    And all that chocolate...our fridge has chocolate, wine and beer. Not much sad

  2. Those handbags are just beautiful but I have to say that I love theat Maroon Glowmesh one.

    My fridge currently is filled with very healthy stuff, we just took all the temptation right out to get the hubby (and myself) eating healthier these days!

    I hope your assignment are done in time :) Then, you get MORE TIME to do all the rest!

    I also finally had the chance to get my snail mail out to you --- well, it will be in the post office tomorrow!

  3. what lovely handbags and what's even lovelier is that they were your nans.

  4. i love the maroon one! so beautiful!
    and i wish i had all of that chocolate! sooo yummmyy

    xo tiffany

  5. Gorgeous handbags! I am a handbag girl too! Handbags and shoes are definitely my weakness!

  6. thumbs up to the jogging! i'm a cross country runner, and will forever love to run. BUT, it can take a toll on you. My tips would be to always do a 5 min light stretching warm-up and a 5-10 min longer stretches afterwards. The first 5-10 minutes of the run should be light jogging to warm up those joints. Oh and don't forget to hydrate! =)

  7. *Gasps* Those vintage bags are just so gorgeous! A few of my favourite pieces (clothes, accessories, bags etc) I would like to keep as I get older for my daughter (if I have one). You have sooooo much chocoltae in your fridge! I am lactose intolerant so I can't too many easter eggs :(
    Hey have you got your stationary yet off Etsy? I got mine today YAY!!!

  8. I love that clutch! It's stunning! I saw a similar one at a thrift shop and almost bought it!

    There are lots of ways you can start running - I know a lot of people who like to ease into it by doing a run / walk combo or a run / sprint. Or, you could try that Couch to 5K program - even if you don't want to run a race. I always like sticking with a training schedule just so I can plan out what I need to do:)

  9. Beautiful, beautiful clutches and cute blog!! I'm embarking on a health kick myself... running always makes me feel better, but I dread the start up... good luck- hope you stick to it!

  10. Chocolate filled fridge... You and I would get on splendidly!


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