Sunday, May 2, 2010

Favourite etsy stores

To say thankyou to everyone who entered my giveaway I have compiled a list of everyone's favorite online stores, welcome to procrastination central. Please note that a lot of these stores fit into more than one category but I have tried to slot them into the most appropriate.I have found so many fantastic stores from you guys so I hope you can too.

Jewelery/Hair Pieces

Photography/ Art/ Prints



Hellcat Vintage + homewares




Enjoy, I hope you find a new store to love. If you end up buying anything let me know!


  1. Oh noes! Haha. Not what I needed, but I love it. Thanks Tegan xx

  2. This is amazing and dangerous! Let the shopping begin!

  3. Oooh, I'm off to add to my wish list!! :)

  4. thanks for all the photography etsy's!! i ADORE the postcards from Lola's Room, so gorgeous.

    and of course, all that stationery! <3 <3 <3, so excited to get some monies and purchase all those lovlies. (well not all, but as many as possible, haha.) there are so many i really like, but the standouts definitely are Orange Beautiful, Sweet Bella, Pistachio Press and My Little Buffalo. :]

    thank you for sharing megs!
    - L

  5. Oohh yes! More lovely etsy shops for me to browse. I have seen a fair few of them though. I always get so lost when browsing because I will just keep on clicking on links and find more and more items.

    Thanks for posting these and putting them into categories too.

    P.S.I would love to be able to make my own bows. There is some really pretty fabric that I would love to get and try to make my own. You should too!

  6. ohh what a dangerous list!

    this is my fave etsy shop right now:

    rachel also has an inspring blog.

  7. I'm so honored I'm a favorite! Thank you so much! xo

  8. Oh love! Thanks for including my shop here and liking it as much as you do! ♥


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