Thursday, May 27, 2010

A mail post

Yay my exams are over and now I have 3 months off to do as I please. I still have to go to work for four hours a day but I have the whole afternoon to be a lady of leisure. Today I spent my time going for a walk, doing some gardening and am in the middle of making this delicious pumpkin soup. This is honestly the best pumpkin soup I have ever made so I recommend you try it.

I was hesitant to do a mail post because it is all incoming and no outgoing but once this is posted I am going to work on a few letters :-)

A lovely letter and mixed CD from Tillie, I love getting new music to listen too.

A wonderful letter from Shona.

From the gorgeous Tiffany

A first letter from Aaron, my first male penpal :-)

From Caiti with some great mail tags.

A gorgeous postcard from Fabi from her recent holiday.

More wonderful letters from Melody, Helen, Michael and Mary Grace.

I recently won a giveaway from the wonderful Carly at A girl and her blog and it could not be anymore perfect - two tickets to the Sex and the City Tour in New York. Luckily they never expire so hopefully when I go overseas at the end of next year I will get to use them, New York is like my dream destination, I cant wait to get there one day. Thankyou so much Carly!
Have you seen Sex and the City yet? It doesn't come out here till next week, I cant wait!

I ordered this gorgeous print from Anna at Muchlove and it arrived today. Her brother and herself have started a new store, Dahliaville and the prints are just gorgeous. I am already in the process of ordering another one :-)

I am so glad to be back to blogging, I have definitely missed it!


  1. I miss my 3 month summers - stupid full time jobs :) enjoy your free time.

    yeay for incoming post, I love seeing how creative everything is.

    and isnt Anna's new shop just amazing? I love the print that you ordered as well, the colours are stunning.

  2. Eee! Yay. It's so awesome that you have all this time off now. I love all your incoming mail. I must do a mail post again soon.

    And I will email you about the journal swap very soon!! Have the time off and learn lots of new things :)

    Great print by the way!! x

  3. Yay for exams being over.

  4. Enjoy your 3 months off! I have next week off, no where near as good. All your incoming mail is beautifully decarated, it's so cool. :) I'm going to see sex and the city 2 tomorow and I can't wait! X

  5. ooooh i heart that green monster from tillie and caiti's cat too. so happy that you are back to blogging! you've been missed!

  6. Hurrah for all that mail. I have another postcard to send to you, and will be writing a letter soon too, I promise! Congrats on the beginning of a good long break from school!

  7. Wow, a lot nice mail :)! I love the envelopes you got :)! Really cool :)!

    The link at my name is wrong ;)! *smile*

  8. beautiful! i love getting mail. enjoy your three months summer! i wish i had those still.

  9. Oh OH oH Oh Oh !!!! I love dahilaville! I want to order a print! oh i do! eeeek!

  10. Congrats on your win, love! And welcome back to the blogosphere! We missed you!

  11. Just a short note: I tagged you at my blog :)!

  12. Wow, you lucky girl getting oh so much mail ;) and oui, I agree Anna has the most lovliest prints, I've been meaning to buy some but I have no crumbs lol


  13. ooo I wouldn't be posting your address darling, you never know. Be careful x

  14. and ALSO, thank-you for the mention of my soup, I'm very glad you enjoyed it xx

  15. So much mail! =D I always like seeing what everyone sends.

    Good to hear that your exams are over and you can take it a little easier now! Enjoy it, relax, and locate a tiny umbrella to put in a fruity drink.

  16. Nothing like a little mail to make a day better.


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