Friday, May 14, 2010

Tutorial: make your own ring

When I was younger I was always making my own jewellery but as I have gotten older I have become a little bit lazy/time poor. Pip's accessory swap was the perfect time to get off my butt pull out the old kit and whip something up for my partner. I ended up making her a button ring, from the big packet of buttons I bought ages ago. Making your own ring is SO EASY, and a quick way to add a personal and unique touch to an outfit. Here is a quick step by step tutorial.

1. Head to your nearest material/craft store, for the Australians spotlight or lincraft will do. Here you will be able to buy the ring base that looks just like this -
2. This is the fun bit, find something that you want to put on your ring, it can be absolutely anything as long is it has a flat part to stick to the base. You should be able to find something at your craft store or you might already have something at home.

3. Using a hot glue gun stick your object to the base and hold together for 20 seconds. Allow to dry and voila your own personalised ring.


  1. oh yeah, I used to make jewellery myself too, but indeed, now I'm older I don't do it anymore either :)
    These accessories look so nice!

  2. Awesome ring Megan!!! wish I had you buying for me now :)
    Have you got your package yet? I'll be getting a few more pieces tomorrow and posting mine Monday YAY!

  3. That is adorable. And sounds like so much fun. I want to make my own ring now :)

  4. oh wow this is too cute!!!
    and such a great idea!
    i love it!!

  5. It's super adorable - and I love your creativity!

  6. Wonderful tutorial, I love the idea of making jewellery, I just never knew where to begin.

  7. pretty ring! send me your address again and i will send you one of the rings i made.

    happy weekend lovely megan!

  8. adorable! i've always wanted to make myself some rings, but the "adjustable" ones they sell on Etsy and other places are still too small for my fatty fingers! boo!


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