Thursday, May 13, 2010

Winter Wishlist

Lusting over this winter, pity about my expensive taste.

Whats on your wishlist? Link up at Dinosaur Toes.

Things I heart today: wearing my pokka dot bubble skirt; eating an avocado and chicken sandwhich; handing in my last assignment for the semester; that I have an interview for a babysitting job on Sunday; that I get to see my friend Pene and her gorgeous daughter tonight. Hope your all having a wonderful day!


  1. i wouldn't mind having a new pair of boots! it doesn't matter how hot it gets, i always wear boots.

  2. I really have to put one of these together now that I am officially moving to Tasmania for the last 6 months of 2011. It is going to be freezing!

    I look ridiculous in leather jackets.
    I bet you wouldn't. Hope you find less expensive alternatives to your wish list :D Hehe!

  3. Love the leather jacket, would be a good purchase will last for ages. I got my knee boots yesterday so that's off my wish list.... I might have to do a wishlist too. My consist of Australian Designer clothes that I really don't need and simply cannot afford :)

  4. Last winter, the boyfriend said I should get some of those boots. I really wanted a pair I found, but it wasn't very wintery at that time! Hopefully I'll get a pair this year and wear them the moment it gets cold out!

  5. love that wallet!

    good luck at your interview - enjoy your day lovely xo

  6. I highly recomend buying the UGGs although there expensive they're extreamly comftroble and last for a long time. I would have to say that my pair are one of the best purchases I have every made.

    Also if you do get a pair of the soft bottom ones get a size smaller than your normal size because the tend to strech

  7. Loving these finds, Meg! Especially that wallet - adorable! I hope you have a great time with your friend!

  8. Mmmm, that sandwich sounds good!
    Hope you somehow end up with some of the lovelies off your wish list... You just never know, right?

    Happy Weekend, Megan!

  9. Winter? I forgot that your seasons are opposite of ours. I do love that jacket though. But I could totally wait until forever to ever have to wear a jacket again - I hate winter!


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