Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Musings and mail

This weekend I headed home for three days to relax and catch up with friends and family. I ate yummy food, two roasts in one day as well as sticky date pudding and cream puffs. I saw SATC2 with a girlfriend, I didn't love it but it was enjoyable. I hope they stop now I don't feel as though the movies are adding anything to the original storyline. What do you think?
I also watched the poor Socceroos get beaten miserably by Germany, I gave up watching by the second goal it was pretty depressing. Have you been watching the World Cup?

This weeks mail....

A lovely letter from Lauren.

A letter from Faiza, plus some gorgeous rings that she made herself that I adore.

A mixed CD from Chelsea, I love this mix it makes want to get up and dance

A letter and mixed cd for Tilly plus a few little extras.

Finally a reply to the lovely Tiffany.

A thankyou to Blanca for her package in the accessory swap.

I also put together a swap package for Tilly's Favorite Thing's swap but I accidently deleted the photo, which is super annoying as it was one of my favorite packages I have put together so far.

Plus I wanted to share these gorgeous photos of my grandparents puppy, Milly. She is such a cutie, nothing makes me smile more than a gorgeous puppy face.

Oh and I kinda just liked this photo....

Do you like taking photos too? Then check out Rhianne's Photoswap, you have until the 18th of June to sign up. And also our.city.lights is giving away a Diana Mini, check it out.

P.S Thankyou for all the wonderful advice and reassurance you gave me in my previous post. I am definately feeling more positive and excited about what my future may bring.


  1. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend. I watched a Seinfeld marathon all weekend on pay tv... tv..eat...lounge is all I did.

  2. I love your mail posts. In fact I love all mail posts :)

    I haven't really watched SATC before so I have no idea if I will like it or not.

    And what a gorgeous puppy! Her face is so sweet. She looks very lovely. As for the game.....I think I've sort of gotten over it but it's more I'm just trying not to think about it. xx

  3. I haven't watched SATC so I can't really comment, but I'm more into Tim Burton and Fantasy/action type stuff.

    I love the thank you card that you're sending to Bianca (postcard?). The image is wonderful!

  4. i'm so glad you got my letter and took a photo of it! haha because i took a small pile of mail to the post office one day and had forgotten to photograph all of it! so yay for you taking a photo! haha

    and i didn't care for the sequel either, it was OKAY, like i would see it with a girlfriend again for fun, but it didn't have as good of a story-line or was as well structured as the first. they should have just left aiden out of it too, that little part of the story could have been trashed, it served no real purpose. i don't know...i liked it but not as much as the first i guess. :/

    <3 <3
    - l

  5. i agree, no more SATC movies please.
    glad you liked the rings! thanks for being my guinea pig!

  6. Hope my letter gets there soon!
    You can never get too much mail, after all...

  7. I have to admit SATC was better when they were younger, although I do like to see their lives working out, but as you said enough now.

  8. I love mail posts! I agree, SATC 2 was ok but I won't be rewatching it anytime soon. I haven't been watching any world cup, I don't know how I have avoided it so well but I have! xo

  9. I'm so excited for my package from you - don't worry, I'll post a picture once I get it. :)


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