Sunday, July 11, 2010

~Incomings and going ons ~

No outgoing this week, I have been working full time lately which is definitely a shock to the system and have filled any spare time catching up on sleep. I have also been getting my thesis application ready to be approved by the ethics board, so fingers crossed.

A lovely package from Tez for the new friend swap, the lip gloss is so lovely and I adore the little keyring.

A lovely letter from Caiti

A gorgeous Pride and Prejudice style letter from Belen, this letter made my day.

A lovely postcard from Rebecca, I have already picked one to send back.

Card from Tez, letter from Tilly, letter & card from Sophie and finally a letter from Ria.

I have been splurging a little bit lately and these are some of my more recent purchases.
I LOVE my new clogs from Sportsgirl. I was hesitant in buying them but after wearing them last night and not having sore feet at all they get the big thumbs up.

I bought some Postcards from Lauren's etsy store and look how nicely they were packaged.

Plus I am absolutely loving Typo's French themed stationery, resisting buying everything.

Today I did three loads of washing and much to my dismay no laundromat in Canberra was open to get them dried, my house now has clothes hanging from every possible space, damn winter.


  1. Ooooo you got some great goodies. I love the clogs!!! the colour is great, a comfy pair of heels...NICE! that sucks you couldn't dry your clothes. I have a fireplace so I have two massive clothes racks next to the fire... saves on pwoer I guess. :)

  2. Sending you warmth from our heatwave in Toronto!

  3. I'm sending you some heat and sunshine from Victoria. It's roasting here! You could hang all your laundry outside on my line and it'd be dry in minutes. (sorry, is that just rubbing it in?! soon enough it will be winter here and you'll be revelling in your Australian summer!)

    Love all your incoming mail. Mine should be there soon, too!


  4. I hate when every available hanging space is filled with drying clothes! But I love your clogs, so it makes up for it ;)

  5. gorgeous clogs! and isn't L Scott so creative? i love her packaging!


  6. I LOVE THOSE SHOES! Seriously, so much. Almost as much as I lov email posts!

  7. PHEW! I haven't seen a lot of my international mail popping up yet and a lot of others said their letters haven't arrived, so I'm grateful I've seen at least one! Strangely enough, you've already gotten yours when I sent one to Canada at the same time. You'd think she'd get hers sooner than yours.

  8. The shoes are adorable. Sportsgirl do really well with their shoes, like they are pretty good quality and seem to always be comfortable!! I have a pair of heels from 2 years ago from them and they are my favourite pair!

    {i love commenting on your blog because i dont feel like i have to justify Australian spelling of things:) }

  9. Love all the incoming mail. Oh Sportsgirl is great. Your shoes look good and if they don't hurt that's a bonus.

    Eepp! I adore Typo too. They have a cute French range. I really want some of the French Manila folders.

    And when it rains here the washing is always all over the house. x

  10. Ohh the incoming mail looks superb! And I love the clogs, I've been thinking whether I should get myself a pair :)

    have a lovely day m'dear

  11. Your mail box must have the biggest grin!

    P.S I really do think your amazing so I am giving you a "versatile blogger award" :D

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  13. Look at your amazing shoes! You are way too cute!

  14. lucky! all of that stuff is amazing. you must feel so loved :) and i completely understand about hanging clothes up! i seem to never have the right amount of space to hang up the clothes! haha

  15. mail posts are so lovely. :D

    thanks for putting my little piece of mail up! you'll have to tell me in a letter or email how i did with my packaging, eeeek. <3

    i remember seeing that tweet about the shoes; they're even more gorgeous on feet! my oh my, you must take a photo of those on you with a coordinating outfit lady! ;P

    awww, so sorry about you having to hang all your laundry about! :[

    - L


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