Friday, July 2, 2010

Mail outgoings

No incoming this week as I have been away from my mailbox for 2 weeks but it has given me time to catch up on my mail replies....

A first letter to Michelle in Sydney.

I got this envelope from the Commonwealth bank and decided to reuse it as I love see through envelopes.

This is the package I sent to Tez for Tilly's Favourite things swap. This was such a fun swap and I am so lucky to have got partnered with Tez and made a new friend. Tez package to me is safely awaiting my return to Canberra, so excited.

I am hoping to go home to a lovely stuffed mailbox, fingers crossed.
A lot of my envelopes this week were made from Frankie magazines. I know lots of people collect their Frankie magazines but personally I like to gorge myself on Frankie and then use it to cut and paste. Hoping the Frankie Gods don't send a lightening bolt down in my direction because the magazines really are pretty enough to keep as books. I am also addicted to stickers at the moment and am resisting the urge to cover everything and anything in them.
I have also copied borrowed the concept of keeping a record of my monthly mail happenings in my side bar, its kinda fun, I like it. Thanks to the Missive Maven who I think came up with the original idea, if I am wrong let me know.

Happy mailing!


  1. I love the doll on the envelope to Lauren. :)

  2. wow! these looks fun to me. I have one book and beads needed to be sent and I a don't find time to send it. i should get the inspiration from you.

    all things lovely

  3. Your envies are always so gorgeous! I do hope my letter is waiting for you in Canberra (I have such trouble trusting the mail service in countries other than the UK). I'm sure your mailbox will be close to exploding and you'll have an amazing time opening and reading everything ;) Lucky!! x

  4. I love love love mail posts. I have a few blog friends who do them, and I'm always super excited to read them. Thanks for sharing all your incredible mail!

  5. I love those airmail stickers from Kikki K, I have been eyeing them off for a while.. so pretty! And, omg frosted see through envelope, sweeeet! I love mail posts! Teehee, I think I will have to email you soon because I wanna send you some mail :) & don't worry I cut my Frankies too because such prettyness should be shared xo

  6. Thanks for the link, dear - I cannot take credit for the outgoing mail stats thing. I believe I got the idea from someone else, though I don't remember who now. Doesn't matter, have fun with it!

  7. Aaaw penpal posting is so fantastic! I've got one going with a couple of girls in London, and I'm so excited every time a parcel lands on my doorstep :) None of them are as prettily wrapped as these though!

    Thanks so much for your kind comments; I'm still re-jigging the layout every now and again, and altering sizes etc... all in the name of experimentation!

    Claire @ Jazzpad

  8. your mail is SO PRETTY!
    i love how creative you are!!

  9. Such gorgeous envelopes! I am obsessed with pretty stationary x


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