Sunday, August 8, 2010

How I would spend my last $10...

Fresh Flowers for my home

Coffee and Cake whilst people watching in my favourite cafe.

On a penguin classic, read whilst under a big tree in the park.

Sharing a bottle of wine with friends.

On a new nail polish to brighten my day.

Hope your all having a lovely weekend and spoiling yourselves!


  1. Hehe, this post honestly made me smile. I love it. It's so calming! I love the fresh flowers :)

  2. this would be a tough choice b/c which each subsequent picture i kept saying "that one!" "no, wait, THAT one!" i feel very fortunate to say this past week i was able to all of those listed above!

    hope you're having a great day!

  3. Hello from London, Megan!
    Sounds like a lovely way to spend your last $10...

    Don't forget to pop by my blog to see your fabulous guest post today.

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  5. lovelove this post. it's the simple things, like the lest ten dollars in your pocket purchases that make life simply fun and sweet. <3
    - L

  6. love this! i think i would definately go with the pengiun book in the sun option... or the coffee and cake... or the flowers! haha!

  7. love all your choices and would probably only want to exchange the wine $$$ for postage to let some very special people know that they are loved.

  8. Love your ways :) Maybe $10 is still alot of money :)

    gosh for $10 you could get TWO bottles of passion pop lol


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