Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Knock and Come In

Thankyou so much for your response to The Time Traveler's Wife, I loved reading everyones opinions and have noted down all the book suggestions.
Just an incoming post today as there is quite a bit and I plan on working on the outgoing in the next couple of days and will update later in the week.

A letter from the lovely Caiti, love her little doodles "Come on Spike."

A gorgeous envie from the newly 21 year old Tillie.

A letter from Ria, I loved this stationery and it was a wonderful letter too. The stamps were also super cute, i think the teacher from Hey Arnold is on one of them, well it certainly looks like him.

A lovely little package from Jennifer, she sent the most gorgeous postcards and these are my favourites. She also wrote the accompanying letter with her typewriter which was terrific.

A great letter from Bianca from her new abode in Tassie.

From the gorgeous Grace, love the little Frankie badge.

Postcards from this week, the one in the top right is from my sister during her ski trip in NZ.

Some fun little links....
A lovely Frank and Dean giveaway on Rosa - May's blog.
A fun "Just because your lovely" swap on Gracie's blog.

Check back for outgoing later in the week. Oh and don't forget to check out the "Penpal Mailing List" if your looking for a new penpal, 5 new penpals were added in the last week.


  1. Your postman must love delivering things to you! its always so colourful, big change from boring bills ;)

  2. WOAH! You have full letter box! :)

  3. I love all your mail! I'm glad you liked the little Frankie badge :)

    Thanks for blogging about the swap. And for joining it too! I'm collecting the participants and seeing who I can match up now.

    Yay for pretty mail. x

  4. I always enjoy looking at your mail posts Megan. Must be so great to have all that incoming mail :) I can't wait to start sending packages and getting penpals next year when I live in the city. I get all excited when I see all you mail swappers :)

  5. I'm SO glad my letter reached you ok. I always worry about my mail, but this was the first time just dropping them into the mailbox rather than handing them over at the desk so I was even more worried that the postbox would get overlooked or something. I'm so paranoid ;)

    ps, Please write to my new address, I'm stupidly excited to get mail in my new mailbox, hehe

  6. Sigh, I love the way Bianca writes everyone's names!

  7. Your post master must think you are the coolest girl in all the land getting all these great things :)

  8. wow! you have some amazing and talented friends. i love the "come on spike" sketch. you need to do a zoom up on that one! i also love the envelope with the ticket coupon on it. radical! i am juiced up.

  9. Wow, lovely envelopes!!!

    I have just discovered your wonderful blog and really like it!! :) I surely will have a look at it regularly now.



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