Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lets catch up...

 - I am back to being a brunette, who said blondes have more fun? Spontaneously last Sunday after having enough of regrowth I decided it was time to go back to my natural color.
- My thesis application to the Ethics Committee was rejected. Luckily it wasn't a flat out rejection but I need to make amendments in order for it to be approved. More work....
- I have officially been going to the gym for a month, 5 times a week and managed to put on 2kgs...water weight, muscle? Not sure but its not exactly inspiring me to keep going.
- This weekend I have booked a family vacation to the Gold Coast for New Years and a girls weekend away in Melbourne in November. So many fun things to look forward to.
- I had a job interview on Thursday which went pretty well (however they are interviewing 300 people for 15 jobs) and have another one on Wednesday, starting to feel much more positive about career prospects next year.
- Am spending the rest of the weekend doing uni work and making a slideshow for my grandparents 60th Wedding Anniversary. The weather is beautiful today, so might sneak a walk around the lake in.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Sounds like you have a lot on your plate! I'm sure your thesis proposal will be accepted as soon as you make the adjustments. And I'm sure it's gonna be fascinating, given your field of study!!

    SO impressed with your regular gym-going. I can't manage to do the same . . . at least not 5 days a week! Though I am "counting calories" right now which is equally maddening. :(

    Re: hair--I, too, have recently gone back to my natural color! I never dyed it very drastically--just highlights--but I haven't done anything in a year and now it's back to its natural dishwater blonde state, haha. I'm tempted to dye it again but am hoping it will be more healthy if I stay away from the bleach . . .

    hope you've had a happy weekend Megan!!

  2. so much goodness going on in one post!
    love the brunette! but i actually thought blonde was you natural :)

    yay for holidays coming up!

    fingers crossed bout the jobs!! x

  3. I definitely know how it feels to be put off by the extra weight gain despite going as much as you have. But then realize you've been going 5 times a week.. you're probably in GREAT shape! Kudos to you, girl.

    I've been on a gym hiatus basically due to laziness. But I hit a low earlier today and it inspired me to get back on with working out. I just got back from the gym and I'm feeling really proud of myself for doing so. Maybe if you gave yourself about a week's break?


  4. so great to catch up! i am rooting for your thesis and for the job search!

    i would love to see that slideshow for your grandparents if you would want to share.

    happiest day to you.

  5. Megan! Hello! I'm home from London and suffering from major jetlag. I should be unpacking and doing laundry right now, but all I've got the energy to do is sit, drink tea, and read my favourite blogs...

    Love that you're a brunette again. We're a gorgeous group, no? ;~)

    More soon,
    love Erin xoxo

  6. Your hair looks great! And why not be a brunette again :)

    I hope you get a job. 300 is not too bad for 15 jobs. It's so much better than just one position. So I hope you get it.

    Holidays are always great. I want to book a few nights for the Gold Coast as well. Melbourne with girls should be awesome!

    As for putting on weight I have as well even with exercising. I think it's mainly water weight and maybe a bit of muscle. Keep going girl! x

  7. I love when you include photos of YOU Megan! Do it more you gorgeous lady :D

  8. (a) i hope your job interviews land you a great job!
    (b) at least with more muscle you can kick butt!
    (c) brunettes have just as much fun as blondes if not more!

  9. Love the new hair! Good luck with your interviews, and top work going to the gym for amonth. Once it gets warmer it will be so much easy to get up in the morning.

  10. i really wanna go back to being a brunette soon!
    in a few more months i will!

    congrats on going to the gym so much, that is awesome. you will start seeing results really soon!

    && good luck on the job interview - i am thinking happy thoughts for you!


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