Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Mail post...its been awhile

Bianca's Mixed CD Swap

This was such a fun swap, I love being introduced to new music, and sent both of my partners an Aussie mix.

Mix from Che

Mix from Blanca

Mix for Mariah

Mix for April.

I loved the concept of this swap and the idea of being able to spoil my partner with things they love. I was partnered with the lovely Katyha from Love Katyha, check out her blog she takes really lovely photos.

I sent Katyha some stationery and coloured markers, some delicious candy and a Women's Weekly cookbook as they are my absolute favourite receipe books.

Katyha absolutely spoilt me with this swap, sending me lots of papery goodness. I have already started using some of it to write letters, even though some of it is so gorgeous I don't want to part with it.

Last year I stumbled upon Rhianne's blog right after entries for the 2009 photoswap closed, and have been looking forward to participating in this years swap ever since. My partner, Melissa, and I were a little late in getting our films to each other, but on Friday this little package arrived and I cannot wait to get the film developed and share the photos with you.

Some Incomings...

Postcrossing cards.

A wonderful postcard from Erin whilst she was in England.

The lovely Faiza, knowing of my love for Glee sent me this wonderful Glee envelope and my own Glee stickers.

Ingrid sent me some lovely friendship books as I was unsure what they were and a delightful letter.

Unfortunately, I am a little behind in my letter writing as you can see from the lack of outgoing. If you are waiting for a letter from me, its not too far away. I am going to start writing a letter a day to catch up :-)
Hope your having a lovely weekend!


  1. I remember sitting and writing your postcard, with a cup of tea beside me! Will write again soon, from somewhere far less exciting...

    Love Faiza's Glee envelope! Season 2 starts on Tuesday. I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Cool! YOu got spoilt big time! I hate when you get really good stationary you don't want to part with. I'm glad I'm not the only one that feels the same. :)
    I'm uploading my stock onto my etsy store.... my mouse arm HURTS!!!


  3. Thanks for your lovely comment Megan! don;t worry I have WAAYYY more stuff to put up so save ya little pennies. x

  4. Ahh yeh I'm a bit late with letter and mail as well. I'm so glad you had fun with the swap! You both sent some wonderful packages to each other :)

  5. lovely mail treats all around! those glee stickers still crack me up!

    happiest day to you!

  6. Hiiiiii sweety ^_^!

    Please add a link to my blog and write when you can ;-)

    Have a good and of sunday, hugs.


  7. Those are some great packages! Lucky girl!

    x Jasmine


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