Sunday, September 19, 2010

What I learnt this week...

Doing my groceries at the start of the week makes the rest of the week a lot easier and saves time. I am going to try and do this every week.

I climbed up the mountain again today and took 15 minutes off last weeks time. I feel like it is easy to get fitter but you can lose your fitness very quickly once you stop exercising. Trying to keep myself in routine and exercising regularly is my next goal.

I am really excited for my 5 year school reunion next weekend. When I first heard we were having one I wasn't very keen but as it gets closer I am really excited about seeing everyone.

New costume jewelery makes me happy.

Watching movies and eating chocolate is the perfect way to spend a Saturday night after a busy week.
I miss writing letters...I am putting time aside each day to get back into it, designated me time!

What has happened in your week? What have you learnt?


  1. I do weekly shops! I am control freak though,but it does help you though doesn't it?

    what have I leart? don't go bike riding, it's magpie season. :)

  2. I find Sundays are the busiest at my local woolies. Grr! I hate busy shopping centres, especially around christmas time :/

    Mountain climbing sounds fun...none around here though.

  3. love that image and message megan!

  4. Hello Megan my dear...

    I've learned that planning the meals ahead of time and getting the groceries makes my life a whole lot easier.

    I've learned that I need to listen to my husband, to sit down and relax once in a while.

    I learned that my body feels better when I'm running more regularly (did it three times this week and am starting to get back into a groove!)

    I have a stack of letters to write too. If you write to me, I promise to write back straightaway, okay?

    Hope the week ahead is wonderful. I've got something big and scary happening on Tuesday and am trying to keep calm and positive about it. Wish me luck.

  5. Gosh I SO badly need to go grocery shopping but I'm being so lazy. Like extremely lazy, it's sad. HaHa.


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