Monday, September 27, 2010

What I learnt this week...

That following your "gut instinct" pays off - I got a call on Monday offering me the job I had been holding out for. From January I will be working full time at the Department of Justice and Community Safety and I really cannot be anymore excited and glad I didn't accept the other job just because it came along first.

Reunions are funny little social events that can remind you of how far you have come, or where you need to go. Our 5 year school reunion was held on Saturday night and it was really interesting to see the interactions after 5 years apart. There was the initial excitement and hugs as you saw old friends and classmates but by the end of the night everyone was just hanging out with the people that they had already been keeping in contact with. I guess it just shows how much we enjoy being in our comfort zone.

October is going to have to be renamed "Worktober". Too many assignments that need to be handed in at the end of the month and not enough time to get them done, I am trying to comfort myself by saying that it always seems to work out in the end.

Is it just me or has this year flown by? I cant believe that it is less then 3 months till Christmas! Not that I am complaining - Spring is nice but I am a Summer girl at heart and cannot wait for the hot weather.

I have 200 blog friends! I was so excited to see this when I turned on the computer this morning. Thanks for being here! I am planning a giveaway to coincide with my blog birthday in a couple of weeks.
My girls and I at the reunion.
I hope you had a wonderful weekend. 


  1. congrats on getting your job! xox

  2. Awww thats great news about your job for next year! :) High five! & I am glad you are one of my blog friends.. you're ace!

  3. How wonderful to receive an offer for the job your really wanted!! I can't wait to hear more after you get started, and I hope the dream is everything you imagine and want it to be.

  4. Congrats on your new job! What a perfect way to start the new year.
    Yes, this year has flown... I think every year does now. Reunions are fun, especially catching up with old school friends. x

  5. Congratulations on your job! How exciting!

    x Jasmine

  6. Congrats on your job and following your gut instinct! A scary thing to do, but proof positive that it pays off. :)

    Have a lovely week! x

  7. Congrats on the new job!! I hope its everything you hope it to be and then some :) Gotta love listening to your gut and things working out!!

  8. I'm glad you held out :) Now you have the job you want! Congrats on that.

    We were supposed to have a reunion for our 5 years but it didn't happen. It would be interesting if we have one for our 10 years (how scary).

    Glad you had fun though. And I love the warm weather and that Christmas isn't far away!

  9. great news about your job megan!

    good luck with october and ploughing through all that work.

    happy day!

  10. Yay! Congratulations Megan... it pays to stay true to yourself!

    Enjoy the summery sun and the weekend!

  11. Hi Megan,
    Hope you are doing well. Just a note to say I finally posted your pics on the flickr group for the Photo Swap. It took me a little longer as I received your package right after I had my appendix removed so I have been recovering from surgery.


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