Thursday, September 2, 2010

Why I love you today...

You break the last lolly from the bag in half so we can share it
You let me choose what television show we watch
You turn the heater on for me when I am having a shower so its not cold when I am getting dressed.
 Even though sometimes it makes me mad I think its cute that you always take charge when we are cooking dinner
You remind me not to doubt myself
You always give me good massages even if mine in return are less then impressive
You bring me back down to earth
You tell me I look nice in the mornings

Its the simple things, that make me love you more everyday.


  1. Oh, this is just lovely, Megan. Made me smile! xo

  2. That's so sweet Megan! You are so lovely. x

  3. This is so sweet Megan :) You've very lucky.

  4. Wonderful--everything from the little considerations to the complex.

  5. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing, Megan.


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