Friday, October 1, 2010

Adore Tea

I love tea, as is probably obvious from the name of my blog, so when my friend Zoe wanted to take me to Adore Tea in Gold Creek I jumped at the chance. From the first time I went there, I loved it! 300 different types of tea and lots of sweet treats. My sister has been here for the last week and for our last little outing I took her for some tea and scones....

The lovely layout, I think the colours (lime, white and brown) work really well.

The mini pancakes with maple syrup were delicious but the scones won out in the end.

My gorgeous sister and our teas; Chocolate Chai and Moroccan Mint. Both highly recommended, especially the Moroccan Mint.
Me with my tea, nothing makes me feel happier and calmer then a good cup and delightful company.

And just in case you needed proof that we were having fun...

If your ever in Canberra or are a local and haven't been you can find Adore Tea at...
Federation Square 1
O'Hanlon Place

It's a long weekend here in Canberra and my biggest plans were cleaning and do the washing but an early mark from work means that is already done. I cant remember the last time I had a weekend with not one single plan but it sure does feel nice.
Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. oooh it looks lovely!!
    300 types of tea? that is absolute craziness!! It must be hard choosing what to try!

    I decided this week i want to go sit in on a question time at parliament house so i might have to make it a double exciting day and do tea as well!! wow i sound like the biggest geek ever right now, parliament and tea haha :)

  2. Looks like a beautiful place. 300 types of tea is a pretty amazing amount of tea. I love the pretty cups too. It looks like the most perfect place to catch up with friends.

    I've finished your letter and I mentioned that I would send you a Hunger Games playlist next time (as a mixed cd) but you needed to read the next two books lol. Some songs relate to them. (I swear I'm not obsessed haha)

  3. That place looks like heaven!!

  4. This place looks like my heaven also!! So nice to meet another tea fanatic, I'm obsessed with tea and couldn't possibly name my favourite. Although I have to say I love the packaging Happiness Tea products come in Hope you have a great weekend x

  5. this is the best post ever from you! you need the gold medal around your pearls! this is a side i really love to see from you! so much fun and so alive! that's it - this post has a spirit! i am drinking my tea from a minnie mouse mug. love me some tea! xoxo

  6. i love tea too! even as i type this i'm sipping on my morning tea! & this shop is awesome! : )

  7. Your hair looks great dark! I love tea stores too.. and now I want to find one with chocolate chai :) I just finished a cup of chilled cranberry tea, lovely.

  8. you are your sister are adorable! i love tea and am making some right now!

  9. That place looks amazing! I wish we had something like that here. I adore tea.

    x Jasmine

  10. i have never had tea but if i ever decide to give it a try i know who to go to for suggestions!

    love that you had some laughs with your sister.

  11. sounds like you had a lovely time! personally, i don't care for tea, but have always thought it would be fun to go to a place like this. :]


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