Thursday, October 28, 2010

Blogging around the world: Australia Part Three

Since I did my last Blogging around the world feature on Australia I have come across a few new blogs that I really love so decided it was time to update the list, enjoy!!

Lavender's Green - a really nice personal blog that is always uplifting with a happy atmosphere. Jasmine blogs about all different aspects of her life from her engagement, being a new aunty, travel and snail mail always accompanied with gorgeous photos. 

Just putting it out there- Alyssa is fun and honest and thats what keeps me going back to her blog. She is also a really fun twitter friend. She has another blog 'Project you' which is aimed at celebrating the amazing person you are! Alyssa sends uplifting emails to members as well as heart shaped travelling glasses that move between the members to encourage a sense of community - great idea right? The mission statement of the blog really sums up what the project is all about "To empower women to be more confident, believe in themselves and really see the beauty within. "

Harbourmaster - Claire has really unique fashion taste and can pull outfits together that I wouldn't even think of let alone be able to get away with. A must see for budding fashion enthusiasts...

Love Katyha - I meet Katyha through a swap and was blown away with the effort and generosity of the package she sent me. You can definitely see these traits in her blog as she talks about her family and the time and effort she puts into her uni work. What I love most about this blog is the gorgeous photography - they say a picture can paint a thousand words and this definitely rings true on this blog.

Owl vs. Dove - I actually spent a large portion of my Sunday afternoon reading through the archives of this blog. Great photos and content as well as a writing style that makes me want to keep on reading. Sophie describes the blog as "... a lucky dip of fashion/ photography/ music/ design/ life related material."

Postcards From - once again beautiful photography, fashion and writing. Is it just me or is there a pattern emerging in the blogs I follow? Kate also has a shop where she sells some of her pre-loved clothing for really great prices - unfortunately I don't think anything would fit me. She also has great discount codes at different online stores that readers can use. 

Happy Reading, I hope that there is a blog amongst those that you can fall in love with. 
If you want some more linky love check out Blogging around the world: Australia Part One and Part two.


  1. THIS is why i adore you!! You know other Australian bloggers! I sit here thinking you and Gracie are the only other two :)
    Thankyou for the mention lovely!!

  2. I am chuffed and so honoured to be on your list!! A little confession: with your little package I kept thinking to this enough? should I add more? so I am very pleased you liked it all and I hope you were able to use it, especially the toothbrush holder ;) haha.

    Thanks again dear! you are amazing

  3. I've just been off visiting all these blogs you've recommended! They're great. Thanks, Megan. I've had a lovely evening drinking tea and traipsing 'round the blogosphere!

  4. Aww thanks for the shout out. You're too sweet. I'll also be checking out the rest of the links (as well as parts one and two).

  5. Thank you for the lovely words you wrote about my blog! And thanks for pointing me in the direction of other Australian bloggers!

    x Jasmine


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