Friday, October 29, 2010

Finally Friday

I really wanted to do another outfit post today, as I enjoyed last weeks a lot. I definitely do not proclaim to be a fashionista but it was fun to get dressed up and take photos. Anyway Brendan wasn't around to take any photos - I dont think he realises that one of his main duties in life is to be at my beck and call (I Kid ).

This week has been really busy, I had an assignment to hand in today which I just submitted. Only two more assignments and one exams and I am out of there, the 7th December can not come quick enough.

I also got my official employment contract for next year which is so exciting - it is actually happening. I feel like such a grown up making decisions about super plans and salary sacrifices. The only thing I am a little hesitant about is the full medical eeck. Not that I am worried that they will find anything wrong but its pretty invasive - I kid you not its like 7 pages of things they check.

Today the weather is so beautiful and I am hoping that it hangs on through out the weekend. It is one of my good friends 21st tomorrow night which will be a lot of fun. I am also hoping to hit the gym and start my Christmas shopping over the weekend. Speaking of Christmas I bought my first ornament for the season.....

He was just a cheapie but I thought he was cute. Were going from a 3ft tree last year to a 6ft tree this year so I am on he hunt for more decorations.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Hurrah for Fridays! woo! You look stunning as always darl! & very cute Santa - I'm soooo amped for Christmas (wowee so quick & now it's Christmas again so soon!) eek!

    Have a FABULOUS weekend gorgeous xx

  2. YAY Friday!

    Happy weekend to you!

  3. I totally enjoy reading about your Christmas ornament shopping, swimmers shopping and springtime nail polish all during the same season. Since Christmas for those across the great pond in America are cold, rainy, frozen and sometimes covered in snow, its fun to hear about warm, sunny Christmases ever now and again..

  4. I think everyone should have their own personal photographer at their beck and call ... and their own chef, stylist and PT, that would be awesome!

    Congratulations on your official employment contract - how exciting!

    Yay for Christmas! We'll be getting our tree out this weekend!

    x Jasmine


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