Sunday, October 24, 2010

Guest Post

Today I am guest blogging for Rhianne at 'For the easily distracted', click on the link to find out what easily distracts me....


  1. Heading over there right now, and what a lovely picture--so pretty and that water is SO BLUE!

  2. I already read it, and responded. Love that Aussie sunshine! Hope you've had a wonderful weekend Megan. I got your letter the other day and am working on my reply!

  3. ahhhh i love the sunshine too. it actually motivates me to get so much more done.

    the rain, on the other hand, completely distracts me. i get very contemplative and sloooooooooooooooow right on down...

  4. btw, LOVED your guest post! :)

    is it weird that i love rainy sunless days? it means cuddly weather or a movie date by myself in my pajamas or enjoying a big cup of coffee as i catch up on letters. i don't know why but grey days are my happy ones ha i'm weird i reckon! ;)


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