Tuesday, October 26, 2010

M is for Mail

How long has it been since I have done a mail post? I am not sure but I assume a long time. Uni kind of took over my life and letter writing took a back seat but I have finally been catching up.

Unfortunately there has not been very much incoming due to the lack of outgoing but two exciting things to come my way was this letter from Gracie that included Baboshka tape which is just perfect for me...

I also ordered Bianca's 'Pushing the Envelope' zine which is really, really good - I recommend that you go and buy it from here now. Anyways as I was reading through the zine I was delighted to see that the Penpal Mailing List had made it into the zine, yay!!
Thanks Bianca!

Speaking of Bianca this is the letter I sent her last week...

This is a first letter off to Lauren...

And last but not least a letter to Garci...

I have also sent a few other letters out so if your waiting for a letter it is quite possibly on it way... or not but will be soon.


  1. I just love reading mail posts. They're my fave! :)

  2. Aww, thanks so much for the shout out lady :) So glad you liked it. I'd like to do another issue of it sometime when I have more content and I'd love to do some mini mail interviews with lovely mail folk including you.

  3. I LOVED my letter from you!! and james :) and the stationary! on my day off, i went to starbucks and wrote a love letter to you with my new pretty stationary ;) thank you!!! i'll mail it your way tomorrow sweet girl x

  4. I love your breakfast smoothie recipe that you added. Great idea!

    I'm glad you liked the tape. I have a slight obsession with pretty tape lately. I'm catching up with my letters but I never have them completely finished. x

  5. yes megan! glad to see your outgoings ;)


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