Monday, October 18, 2010


Evangeline Lilly
Sienna Miller
Emma Watson

I have always adored freckles and just so happen to sport my own pretty impressive collection. The other day one of my friends came over after being to her dermatologist. She was told that for $240 she would be able to get her freckles faded as well as the flush in her cheeks. Whilst I respect everyones personal choice about their appearance it makes me a little sad that services are offered to take away our rosey cheeks and fade away our freckles. I think its things like this that make us stand apart, and should be embraced rather then faded away.
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  1. I used to be obsessed with freckles when I was in primary school. I never had any and I wanted them!

  2. OMG! Why on earth would anyone ever want to get rid of freckles and/or rosy cheeks? That is beyond me. They are so cute! And those are some mighty pretty ladies you have pictured there. Hope your weekend's been great!

  3. Ridiculous! Who wouldn't want to have freckles and lovely rosy cheeks?

  4. awww, I agree...freckles are so adorable, I wouldn't want to change them! Sienna looks so pretty in that pic :)


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