Saturday, October 30, 2010


Yesterday Target released its latest Stella McCartney line. I had eyed off a few pieces on the internet thinking they would be great for work next year. I was too scared to go down first thing in the morning - have you seen those news clips were women stampede into the store when the doors open at 9am? No thanks. I went at about lunchtime and was pleasantly surprised at how much product was still there. I tried a few things on but the sizing was quite weird I honestly ranged from a 12-16 through out the collection and nothing fitted quite right. So all I got was this LOVE bangle which I really love haha, I actually have a dress it will be perfect with - just need some where to wear it.

I also grabbed a new nail polish  from OPI "Sparkle-Icious". Spring makes me want to have pretty nails and this is such a fun colour. You do have to put on about 4 layers to get a really thick look.


  1. oh i really like those bangles ;]. your not the only one to say her new range at target fits funny, a couple of my friends said the same thing. its put me off checking it out haha but i may suss out those bangles ;]


  2. The bangles look so nice and expensive! Also, the nail polish is fun and classy, so you can wear it with everything, huh? ^-^

  3. Oh I also *love* the love bangles, I'm going to have to get me into a Target ASAP! Sharon xx

  4. yet another reason to love Target! :)

    and the nail polish? FABULOUS! Reminds me of carrie's heels in SATC sequel... smashing!

  5. oh target! if only i didn't have to cross a border to get you.,...who am i kidding? i do it all the time!

  6. Those bangles should definitely be in your next outfit post!

    I love OPI nail polish. I'm trying to decide to be brave and get something fun - like a bright green or yellow! I'm always so safe when it comes to nail polish.

    x Jasmine

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  8. This post is worthy of appreciation, looking forward to more exciting! This post is worthy of appreciation, looking forward to more exciting!


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