Sunday, October 10, 2010

What I learnt this week...

- To make sure my camera is actually charged before taking it on a day out. Brendan and I headed to Floriade today (a big flower show in Canberra) as it was the last day and i was only able to snap a few photos before the battery went flat :-(

- Double check work before sending it out to other people. I really feel like this isn't something I should be learning after 5 years of uni but this week I sent out my thesis survey to over a hundred people only to find out that the survey was not working. Very annoying and unprofessional, I kind of just wanted to hide under my doona but had to spend the next couple of hours fixing it.

- How much I love having a creative project to work on. Its nice to use my brain in a different way. I'll share the end result soon but for now here is a sneak peek....

- I would like to do more nice things for people - "just because". My friend bought me these flowers on Friday "just because" and it made my day.

- That I really am addicted to babushka dolls. I bought this mug yesterday and received this gorgeous tape in the mail off Gracie on Friday and instantly loved it.

I hope everyone had a great week, I cant believe it all starts again in a couple of hours.

P.S tomorrow is my one year blog birthday check back in for a fun giveaway!


  1. good lessons learned :)

    re: the checking work one... i still get that horrid sinking feeling in my stomach when i think back on times when i've made this mistake, bah!

  2. Argh I hate when your camera goes flat! Mine did that when I tried to take photos of my dress. How quick does a year go!!!

  3. Oh that mug is just adorable, please do tell me where you found it. Also congratulations on 1 year of blogging, that's very exciting.

  4. I absolutely hate it when my camera dies on me! I love your dress, it's adorable!

    I received some 'just because' flowers this week too! Yours are lovely!

    Is that mug from Typo? I love that store.

    Can't wait to see your crafty project.

    x Jasmine

  5. Jasmine and Amy - the mug is from Typo!

  6. hehe, Babushka, loving the Russian influence! I was born there! :)


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