Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A catch up + Summer to do list.

I have been away from blogging for the past week as I went to Melbourne with nine of my girlfriends. To say I had an amazing time is an understatement. The whole trip made me so thankful for having nine inspiring women in my life who accept me as I am, faults and all. Unfortunately I came back from the trip sporting a few injuries. One of the bars we visited had a spiral stair case and as I was coming down them I tripped on the back of my maxi and fell down all the stairs - the dance floor was at the bottom of the stairs and I rolled right down into the middle, no doubt my dress was probably around my ears and I was a blubbering mess as it hurt so much. I would love to blame alcohol but it was my own self induced clumsiness; I have some really good bruises from the whole ordeal and at least I can look back and laugh now. I cant wait to share photos from the trip when I have access to them all.

For now though I wanted to share my "Summer to do list" the weather is finally getting really hot (just the way I like it) and I am getting really excited for my last summer holidays before I start working full time. I still cannot believe in two short weeks I will be finished uni forever.

Summer to do....
- Re-decorate and organise the office and bedroom (on a very tight budget)
- Finish garden make overs
- Organise trip to New Castle to visit friends
- Plan Brendan and my four year anniversary - hopefully a trip to the beach!
- Rejoin gym and get an exercise routine happening after a three week hiatus
- Catch up on books I have been planning to read for ages and letter writing
- Start knitting again (not a very summery project but I haven't had time to knit since I learnt in August and am scared I will have already forgotten, my nan was very cute and sent me a DVD to remind me).
- Attempt a new receipe once a week. 

What are your plans for the season ahead? So glad that my favourite time of the year is finally here!

PS For any one interested, after all my ravings about my honours thesis I got my mark back on Friday and guess what? I got a high distinction with an exceptional descriptor. I was so shocked and happy that my hard work paid off.  The thesis is now getting rewritten into a journal article to be published, which is something I would never imagined was possible. Thank you for all the encouragement you guys gave to me over the last 6 months it really does mean alot to me.


  1. Oh my gosh, Megan, congrats!!! That is absolutely incredible news about your thesis, and I am serious about wanting to read it! What an amazing accomplishment--I bet it feels so good.

    I am the queen of clumsy--as evidenced by the enormous and terrifying bruise on my hip I blogged about after falling down the stairs, as well as last week's chipped tooth incident . . . both of those, however, unfortunately did involve alcohol. Yikes.

    So funny to hear you talk about summer when we are embarking on winter here! :)

  2. I'm so excited that you got a high distinction. You have done sooo well!

    As for being clumsy, I do things like that too. I hope your not too bruised and sore. Looking forward to pics!

    I love your summer list. This is really the best time of the year ;)

  3. My summer to do list is very similar to your own, and congratulations on the high distinction! it's so great when hard work pays off better than you had ever expected :)

  4. Congratulations on getting a high distinction!! I bet you're happy. My summer to do list is kind of liek yours. I haven't been to the gym for three weeks either...thats what holidays do to you.
    thanks for entering my giveaway as well :)

  5. Well done, Megan! You should be so proud of yourself!

    I got your parcel in the mail today. Thank you! I love it and was so excited to see it waiting in my mailbox at the end of a very long, busy, freezing cold day!

    that is way too awesome!!!

  7. Awesome news on your thesis Megan! That spectacular news deserved much more than a P.S. :)

    I wore my winter coat for the first time today. Your summer wish list warmed me right up!

  8. Congratulations on all your hard work paying off Megan - you must be over the moon!

    Don't forget lots of time to relax in your last full summer too.

  9. congrats on your thesis! how wonderful. what a great list you have to work on too. :D

  10. Ouch! I'm so sorry about the stairs. I have lots of moments like those. It's what makes us stronger. Hahaha, eventually.

  11. Yay, congratulations! You must be so excited :)

    x Jasmine


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