Tuesday, December 21, 2010

23 before 24

Being list obsessed I saw this on Elsie's blog and though it was a great way to set out my goals for the next year. A lot of them are just fun and easy little things that always get put off until another day. I already achieved one the day after my birthday when my sister and I headed to the zoo. It was so much fun - I love zoos. My favourite animals were the giraffe and the brown bears. I also loved patting the little wallabies, so cute. Here are a few piccies from the day...

Your never to old for the zoo, right?


  1. NO WAY! you are NEVER too old for the zoo.

  2. Never old for the zoo, although the last time I went all the animals were sleeping :/

    I have a list but mine is before 40...I'd love to be turning 24

  3. Never! I love that list, I need to make one too =) you're blog is great, you have a happy new follower!

  4. i just started a bucket list this year but haven't committed any timelines to it yet! you just inspired me! i love that giraffe pic, it made my day!

  5. what a great list! you look so cute here :) I LOVE the zoo! bears are such lovely and great creatures <3


  6. I love going to the zoo! It is so much fun! I love your list as well.:]

  7. A girl's night in sounds so fun. Love the idea of knitting--will be learning from my grandmother over Christmas Break.

  8. Never ever too old for the zoo! I love the zoo :D

    That looks like an awesome list to work your way through :) I have a list of 101 things to do before I'm 30 (I have a little over two years to get them all done!).

    x Jasmine

  9. I was just scrolling through this wondering why on earth none of these show up in my feed then realized i had not added you to my new google account - clever alyssa, realllllly clever!
    now i can actually see your blog posts again - yay!

    brilliant list!!!!


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