Thursday, December 23, 2010

A mail post...its been awhile

So I definitely got behind schedule with posting my mail going ons so this post will possibly be a little all over the place but I am ready to get back into the habit of posting more regularly.

I sent this little handmade Babushka doll out to Erin for Micaela's ornament swap. This is one of my favourite swaps and the second time I have participated. You can see the ornament hanging on Erin's tree here.

This was the vintage jewelery package I sent out to Alicia for Kjrsten's Vintage Jewelery swap. It was hard to part with some of these pieces but it is nice to know their going to a good home.
An overdue letter to Tez.

Some outgoing postcards for postcrossing

And finally some outgoing chrissie cards and letters.

An overdue first letter to Hosanna

Unfortunately these are the only outgoing photos I have from the last 5 weeks but I will be more proactive in documenting from now on.


I was so excited to see this gorgeous package when I got home from work one day. It arrived perfectly, a pretty package from Alyssa filled with shoes :-)

A package from the ever so lovely Gracie for my birthday! How well does this girl know me headbands, stationery and Babushka dolls - perfection!!

A wonderful letter from the now married Micaela who soon gets to head back to her home state, so much exciting news.
Was so happy to hear from Caiti the other day when I received this letter.

A very cool birthday card from the lovely Alyssa.

Love this envelope from Aaron.

I hope all your mailboxes are full of holiday fun! I am still waiting for a few online presents that I ordered to show up and unfortunately I don't think they will be here by Christmas. I will hopefully be using some of my holiday time to catch up on letters.


  1. such pretty mail! i'm so glad that my next semester at school is much more easy going/easy so i can take the time to write more letters to people!

  2. I'm shocking with my mail lately. One of my NY resolutions will be to document better and write faster.

    I love all of this! And I'm glad you enjoyed your gift. I had a Christmas gift for you that has arrived. So I will send it after Christmas so you have something else to look forward too :p

  3. Looks like you got some pretty awesome mail! I need to get better at sending out mail. You've inspired me. :]

  4. beautiful mail post! how thoughtful is gracie?! and i am LOVING that puppy envie!!! :) and the glittery mask (alyssa is just like gracie-- so thoughtful!)

    i LOVED what you sent in your swaps- perfect!!!

  5. That doll ornament is the best. I've always had a strange obsession with the matryoshka dolls...they're just adorable.

    And seriously. Gracie is the sweetest ever. I'll never be as cool as she is, so I'll just sit back and admire her awesomeness on every level!

  6. That's some fantastic mail you've been sending and receiving! My mail box is jealous, haha.

    One of my new years resolutions is to have more penpals ... do you have room for one more?

    x Jasmine

  7. Merry Christmas, Megan! I got your Christmas card this afternoon. Love it! The boys are big fans of the Six White Boomers song, so they were very excited to see the kangaroos on your card. Thank you again, and Happy Happy Holidays!

  8. PS: I love that little doll you sent your swap partner. It's gorgeous!

  9. yay for a mail post from you! :)

  10. I am ever so tempted to print out the picture that you received the package with the mask on it to take it up to the post office to show the guy that YES, you CAN post things like that and they will arrive!!! how dare they question my creativity :)


  11. You're so dedicated to sending things out, it's really inspirational! I'm glad to see the old fashion romance of penpalling via snail mail still exists, albeit in a very creative and generous way these days :) Merry Christmas lovie! jazzy ♥

  12. I LOVE YOUR BABUSHKA ORNAMENT! And the amazing package from Gracie and everything else here! Your mail is so inspiring :)


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