Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Weekend recap; meeting a bloggy friend & Finders Keepers.

I spent this last weekend in Sydney visiting with my sister, I was there for four days but it was such a mega busy weekend, but a lot of fun and it was great to get away for a little while. The weather was miserable but we soldiered on and got lots and lots and lots of Christmas shopping done, I only have three presents to go!

One of the highlights of the weekend was going to my first Finders Keepers markets where I meet the absolutely adorable Alyssa from Just putting it out there. I was sooo nervous about meeting a blog friend, I thought it might be terribly awkward and we would have nothing to say but I don't think we stopped talking the whole time. Were such awful bloggers that we didn't even get a photo together to mark the occasion but my mum and sister were witnesses if anyone needs evidence :-) Her poor friend that dropped her at the markets was worried I was really a forty year old man which I am glad I got to prove otherwise. I am now sad that we live three hours away  from each other and cannot hang out more often. It makes me excited to meet other blog friends one day.

My spending at the markets was quite controlled due to my budget until I start working next year. I bought the Frankie Spaces book which is just amazing, I highly recommend buying it if you don't already have it and a postcard set from Melbourne designers Write to Me.

Saturday night my mum was given free tickets to Alison Dubois (aka Medium) so we decided to go along, I am generally up for anything so wanted to go for the experience. I wont say too much about my thoughts on the show but I am skeptical of her claimed psychic ability.

In other news I FINISHED UNI TODAY!! My last exam was over at 11am.So you may never have to hear any more uni related rants again. I have really mixed emotions about finishing but am so excited to be starting a new chapter in my life now that study is over (well at least for now). I hope you all had lovely weekends!


  1. Huge Congratulations on finishing uni - it is a huge achievement and you must be so proud Megan! Well done.

    Love the things you bought, I am rather scared how the time is disappearing though and I am so, so far behind with the gift buying myself!

  2. Yay for finally finishing, I wish I was finishing too :(

  3. Congratulations!!! hope its an easy transition to the next step.

    Love those postcards, so beautiful

  4. hi ... thanks for featuring our postcard packs. happy writing! cheers, write to me

  5. Congrats on finishing uni! (: Your postcards look amazing! (:


  6. Yay! Best wishes sweet love.


  7. Woo hoo! Congrats on finishing uni! I bet you're so stoked. Speaking of blogger friends. I have a little idea about meeting up with blogger's. I'll send you an email soon. x


    sister and mom time are the best-- but even better when you get to meet a blog friend and what a cute one to have met! :)

    YOU BOTH ARE! :)


  9. How cool that you got to meet a blog friend! It always goes SO well, you feel like you already know them I think!

  10. Congratulations on finishing uni!!!

  11. I am buying a plane to visit you. Possibly a helicopter, whichever is cheaper :)

    So happy uni is over for you - the next few years are going to be SO exciting!!

  12. Woo hoo! Glad you are finished :) I think it's awesome that you were able to meet Alyssa! And at Finders Keepers. Double bonus.

    I bought Frankie Spaces as well! It's a great great inspiration. x

  13. Isnt it the weirdest feeling finishing uni? Well done though :D yeay!

    So glad you and Alyssa had an amazing time!

  14. Love ths stuff you bought! Gotta love Finders Keepers!

    Congratulations on finishing Uni forever! :D

    x Jasmine


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