Thursday, January 13, 2011

If only I had a head

I am so bored with my wardrobe, but am determined to stick to my three month clothes shopping ban. So today I decided to attempt to switch it up and this was the result...

Yup the only decent photo I dont have a head. I am usually scared to mix and match patterns but am actually very happy with the mix of stripes against the floral. And just in case you were concerned my head is still firmly attached...

...taking self timed photos is obviously not one of my strong points but it was a bit of fun in any case.
At times like this the lack of inspiration my wardrobe is giving me seems inconsequential in relation to what some Australians are going through. If you havent already heard there are massive floods occurring in QLD and 75% of the state has been declared a disaster area. Other states are also being affected by the immense rainfall we have received in the last 6 weeks after 10 years of severe drought. Please keep these people in your thoughts and if you are able to donate go here. The lovely Gracie is also donating all profits from sales in her etsy store to the flood relief effort so that is also another great way to support the cause.


  1. Ive been bored of my wardrobe too. Maybe should try switching it up too, your outfit is so nice!

    Oh I feel so bad for whats happening with all the floods. The weather in Perth is so hot I cant believe its the complete opposite in QLD! Hope it all ends soon.

    xx Carina

  2. I think that outfit is incredible - I love the combo!

  3. Very different! I like though! And I agree, self-timed photos are not the easiest!
    I am keeping Australia in my thoughts and prayers!

  4. Love the outfit!!

  5. Loooooove that outfit!!! And what a beautiful self timed photo :) Wish you could come to my closet and help me mix and match it up!

    I'll be praying for all those affected by the flood!

  6. love matching up items you have had forever!!

    nice work with self timing, im impressed you didnt trip over mid pose ;)


  7. Gorgeous outfit! At least you are willing yourself to play around with your wardobe.

    And thanks for blogging my shop (and purchasing an item!). It was surreal to be at work today when so many people are suffering.

    I hope to help with the clean up sometime soon.

  8. You look stunning Megan and what a great way to keep up your new year goal too.

    My thoughts are with those affected by the floods, the photos here on the news look completely devastating.

  9. I really like your outfit :) I hope the floods end soon, they've been so horrible.

    Thanks for visiting my blog so I could find yours! Would you like to follow each other?

    - the runaway

  10. Cute outfit! I'm so boring when it comes to outfits, I need to mix things up a bit!

    x Jasmine


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