Monday, January 24, 2011


Lunch is one of the hardest meals for me- trying to think of something yummy yet interest and healthy sometimes alludes me. So in an effort to diversify here is one of the meals that I am really enjoying at the moment for lunch.
+ Tandoori chicken
+Cherry tomatoes
+A smidge of Greek Yoghurt


  1. Yum, I love to have fetta for lunch with avocado in salads. Sometimes I spend days planning my lunchs for the coming week.

    xx Carina

  2. Looks fantastic to me too! I love every single one of your ingredients. I do know what you mean about lunches though, I always seem to get stuck eating the same things.

  3. I'm the same as well!! I HATE trying to find something to eat or make for lunch. I much prefer breakfast and dinner. It looks very yummy indeed. x

  4. Absolutely perfect!! I love Fetta, cucumber, cherry tomatoes and avocado. It looks delish. I need to take more notice with what I'm eating. x

  5. Yum! That looks delicious and way better than what I had today - baked beans on toast :/

    x Jasmine


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