Friday, February 25, 2011

Hello weekend!

I have been looking forward to this moment all week; Friday evening and the whole weekend is ahead. I do not think I have ever appreciated weekends so much as I do now that I am working full time. It also means I try and cram in as much as I can on the weekend. Do you do this or do you just take the time to relax? This is what I probably should be doing. On the list this weekend...

+ Sleeping In
+ Doing laundry
+ Going to a make up party
+ Catching up on blogs and fingers crossed planning posts in advance
+Writing letters and sending out swap packages
+ Going out for dumplings
+ Going to my first Zumba class (if I dont chicken out)
+Finishing Clockwork Angel (sooo good!)
+Squeeze in a massage but I am doubtful that this will happen

Have a lovely weekend!!


  1. Hooray for blogs and Zumba - I hope you love it! It is my favourite work out by far!

  2. Sounds like a good mix of busy and relaxing! I'm off to Vancouver for the night, for a dinner party and some girl time! Then it's home again to catch up on housework and play in the snow with the boys. I've got report cards to work on, and your Friends feature to finish (it's almost done!) and then Sunday night... the Oscars!!!

    Happy Weekend, Megan.

  3. Busy! Ohhhh how I want to do nothing but curl up on my couch and read and watch tv and do some yoga at home this weekend . . . but alas, it never works out like that. Tomorrow morning I'm doing childcare at the Dailey Method (a workout studio) in exchange for free classes, then I am going to my dear friend's mother's funeral on Saturday :(, and then a housewarming party that night. Sunday I hope to get up in time to go to 9:30 yoga, and then babysitting at 2. No rest for the weary! I'm dreadfully behind on letters, packages, cleaning my house, writing, grading, planning, etc . . . but we'll see what I can manage to fit in this weekend!

    Hope you get to squeeze in that massage--or at the very least, a bubble bath!


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