Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wednesday Friendsday VII


Name: Sarah
Location: metro-Detroit
Blog: Silly Grrl
Tell us a little about your blog…. My blog is about me, my work as a web designer, adventures in becoming an aerialist (I just booked my first paid performance!), and striving to stay positive and happy every day. I hope to inspire my readers to chase after their dreams too.


1. Can you remember the first friend that you made through blogging? Back in college, while I was still writing via LiveJournal I had a girl come up to me at a party and say she knew me from my LJ. It was super strange and awkward at the time as I'd never had this happen before. We ended up talking online and then hanging out and she turned into one of best friends - we even rented a house together for a while.

2. Have you met any blog friends face to face? Yep! Quite a few actually.

3. What makes having blog friends important to you? It's kind of like online dating for friends. You can read about them and find people all over the world that you really click with. I've had many of my online acquaintances turn into real-life friends. It's great to have a support system outside of people you deal with every day. 

4. Is there anyone that you cannot wait to meet or have plans to meet?  I've worked with a bunch of MI bloggers to put together a meet-up in Feb, so I'm really excited to meet all the local bloggers I've been reading but haven't had a chance to meet. More info:


5. If a blog friend came to meet you in your home town what would you plan to do and see with them? They'd probably have to stay a whole weekend because there is a ton to do in Detroit. First we need fuel, so I would take them to Slows BBQ in Corktown where there's a great view of the train station. Then we'd go ice skating at Campus Martius or if it was warm we could bike around Belle Isle. We'd definitely have to go to a Red Wings game and then get dinner in Greektown. Late night activities would include a show (the music scene in Detroit is fantastic), bowling at the Garden Bowl or even feather bowling at Cadieux Cafe. And of course I would also take them over to the Flyhouse for an aerial silks / trapeze class.  

6.What do you imagine you would chat about? I think a good portion of the conversation would be about their amazement that the city is not a pile of rubble overrun with crime.. There is a lot of grassroots projects breathing new life into the city. And we'd probably dork out over blogging too.

I hope you all enjoyed the second instalment of the series. Thanks so much Sarah for taking part - I loved reading all your answers!


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