Friday, March 11, 2011

Autumn Inspiration

I despise Winter, nothing makes me more glum then the cold. I try to not take this hatred out on Autumn but considering it usually signals the start of the weather cooling down it can often not be helped. In a quest to stop these loathing feelings I am going to try and fill my wardrobe with lots of warm Autumn/Wintery colours. I have started a little collection of inspiration below.

Blue Tailored Blazer - Zara
Mustard Skirt from LoveMargaret

Wrapped in wonder heels - Modcloth

Image 1 of ASOS '70s Belted Mac

ASOS Blue Coat

Rope short jacket - Zara (please hurry up and open in Aus Zara!)

I am meant to be on my clothes shopping ban for another 3 weeks but I feel that my strength is waivering and this weekend may end with a few new purchases, oh well I lasted two and a half months.


  1. Two and a half months is pretty good! I have been on an accidental spending hiatus . . . simply because I have been too busy to shop! But these are some good choices. :) Particularly the red shoes!

  2. My Dear Megan,

    The weather has turned here and I find that it's given me a spring in my step, simply because of all the fashion options it affords me! How much fun is it to pull out some brightly coloured cute cardi when people are swathed in a sea of blacks and greys? Once you embrace the chill in the air, cute stockings and cozy cardis, the spring will find your step too. :) Stay warm, my friend! x

  3. Oh my! I love that blue trench! I don't really like the cold weather either but I can't deny that there are so many lovely winter clothes out there. Though it doesn't get that cold here.

    It's still quite warm in Brisbane so I'm making the most of it. xx

  4. I love all of those items! I definitely want a blazer, now I just need to find the right one. I love the mustard colour too, such a great colour!

    x Jasmine


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