Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Books I have been reading...a vlog!!

I am super nervous about posting this but I have wanted to vlog for ages and it was so much fun, so I am willing to share. It took all my strenth not to open with "Gday mate" for any international readers but I managed to resist the urge. Anyway I hope you enjoy. I have included a list of the books I refer to in case it wasn't clear at times. Yes, I am wearing my gym clothes,not sure if your meant to dress up for these things :-p Oh and just a warning there is a weird noise like 30 seconds in not sure how that happened... please ignore.
- Matched: Ally Condie
- Along came a spider: James Patterson
- The Gargoyle - Andrew Davidson
- The luminous life of Lily Aphrodite: Beatrice Colin
- Unsticky - Sarra Manning
- Clockwork Angel - Cassandra Clare.


  1. Umm i love you.
    It felt weird because i like real life know you and now you are on a video haha

    I actually liked a book review in a vlog form, its much easier to convey what you think of a book in words rather than having to write it down!

    Will definitely order a few from bookdep!


  2. You are adorable!! I actually did a double take because even though I know your aussie I almost didn't expect to hear it haha and I'm so used to hearing American accents.

    I will definitely have to check out those books. With Clockwork Angel the series is The Mortal Instruments that were written before but can't after the time. They are awesome!! One of my other fave series.

    I just finished reading Memoirs of a Geisha. I'm reading a lot of my old books on my shelf at the moment that I haven't read before. And you should get Goodreads!

  3. GREAT vlog! haha, this may sound odd, but the whole time you were talking I was thinking 'whaaat she sounds like me!' and I guess it's because we talk like Australian's (not just accent, duh, just general way of speaking...)

    I am currently in a phase of reading non-fiction books, specifically those about science-based nutrition *cough nerd cough*. Maybe once you're done with your food coach (i.e. to avoid info overload) I should give you a list of books that are interesting!

  4. AH! You are the cutest. I know it's the dumbest, most American thing to say....but your accent kills me. It's so adorable.

    I'm happy for book reviews! I just got re-hooked on reading, so I'm diggin' for new reads! Thank you!

  5. Yep, exactly what Beth said. I love it! Your accent is fantastic and you're just as adorable "in real life" as in your photos. Thank you for th reviews! I've got an ever growing stack of books to work my way through, and now I'll be including a few of these as well!

  6. OMG I'm going crazy because the internet connection through the school district blocks videos!!! So I'm being teased with what is clearly a darling vlog! I can't wait to go home and watch it . . . and to hear you talk about books! xoxo

  7. Umm, I am DYING! I just told my husband how cute you are! Seriously! I love when bloggers vlog - I'm with you - love putting a voice with the name! And yours is amazing!

  8. I totally agree that it's nice to put a voice to the face!

    And I always like to hear about new books, so it's a win all around.

  9. i vote for a gday mate at the beginning of your next vlog please!!

    great reviews and i hope to hear about some more soon. for me, it's so much more fun to hear someone talk about a book rather than read about it. that's probably why i love bookclub so dearly!

    happy day to you!

  10. I have named something after you ;)

  11. You are so cute, seriously! I loooooved this and hope you do it again soon! And I'm impressed with how much you've read this year! You're inspiring me to attack my stack with more zest. :)

    (p.s. I'm reading Water for Elephants now, too)

  12. It was lovely to hear your voice sweet Megan, I am with you, I like to have a voice to go with the face sometimes. That is a lot of reading, I wish I could do a little more but I am lucky to get a book read in a year :P

  13. YOU ARE THE CUTEST GIRL with the most amazing accent! and i too hope you do this again :) perhaps i should really get on the vlog bus!

    and what a great subject xo


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