Monday, March 7, 2011

A kinda outfit post

I have said it a hundred times but I am really struggling to balance my life now that I am working full time. I really took the part time work/ full time student life for granted. Unfortunately work has meant that the blog, letter writing and other hobbies have fallen by the way side a little but this week I am making a committment to get back on track and I really hope I can because I feel completely out of the loop.

I wore my 'table cloth' dress to work today, it is one of my absolute favourites - the skirt is an old table cloth! I also love that I have never ran into anyone else wearing it. It is made by Australian designer Laura Maidment and you can visit her online store here. I have another one of her dresses that is currently MIA but when I find it I will have to show it off too.

The whole set up with this outfit shot is kinda crazy, it started when I got home and I had my dress, stockings, shoes and belt on and I had a play around with the camera by myself until Brendan got home. However an hour later Brendan wasn't home to take the photos and I was too hot so pulled off the stockings and shoes then low and behold guess who walks through the door? So I was too lazy to put everything back on and dont have a "real" shot to show you. So much respect for fashion bloggers.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday and please feel free to share how you achieve a work/life balance as I am currently struggling.


  1. That dress is so pretty and I like the shots you took. I love the one of you on the grass. And stockings!! Eep it must be getting colder where you are.

    I too can't keep up with outfits and taking photos. So I'm not sure how fashion bloggers do it.

  2. nice dress! and i didn't notice it's an old table cloth :) nice belt, too!

  3. ohhhhh la la. i love it. and the belt works perfectly.

    ps - i am still writing up a little something for you about meeting peeps.

  4. That photo of you in the grass is gorgeous! I love the light, and you look so relaxed.

  5. Love the shot of you in the grass!

    x Jasmine


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