Monday, March 14, 2011

A perfect weekend

It was a long weekend in Canberra and I have had the most wonderful three days! I came home from work on Friday night and Brendan had made gourmet pizza's and it was nice to chill out and watch tele and eat yummy food.

On Saturday the weather was absolutely beautiful and I decided to go for a walk to enjoy the sun before Autumn sets in. I went out for lunch with one of my really good friends. Were always really busy so can only catch up every so often but when we do it is always alot of fun. She is one of those people you can not see for weeks but when you do its as if you just saw her yesterday.

I used this tutorial to do my hair on Saturday and got so many compliments, its one I will be trying to do more often. Saturday night I went out for drinks with work friends and just had such a fun night. I am so grateful to work with such inspiring people, and to be making such nice new friends.

Sunday was a beautiful day again and Brendan and I with one of our friends decided to head to the beach which is approxamately two and a half hours from where we live. We went to Tuross which I had never been to before and it was absolutely beautiful. We spent the day fishing, swimming and laying on the beach reading. We also ate really delicious fish and chips and ice cream (New York chunky style chocolate, I die!) I do not want to see my food coach tomorrow, I will be in trouble.

Today has just been a really restful stay at home kind of day. Brendan and I cleaned the house this morning and I spent most of the afternoon writing letters and drinking tea. The perfect end to a long weekend!


  1. You're luck you had a long weekend! Long weekends are the best. Hope your new job is going well. x

  2. i really must try braids! beautiful. both you and braids and your getaway!


  3. Really does sound like the perfect weekend! Good friends, food and the beach all my fave things about the weekend! :D
    x x

  4. That really does sound like a perfect weekend!

    I love your hair like that, what an adorable hair style. I want to try it now :)

    x Jasmine

  5. Sounds pretty perfect to me! Those braids are beautiful! I will have to try it sometime.

    And letters and tea. I will have to do some of that soon. x

  6. I absolutely love how you did your hair, I've always wanted to try that! Thanks for the tutorial on it, I'm def going to check that out! :) Oh I am writing your letter reply right now - sorry it's taken so long I've been so busy with uni/life etc! Oh follow me on my new twitter @thyladysays


  7. I LOVE your hair, gorgeous! I need to try some of the new braided styles on myself. I always get nervous to try new things to my hair in the mornings in case it turns out disastrous and then I won't have time to fix it before work.. haha

    The pizza also looks yummy! I'm glad you had a relaxing weekend :)

    xx, Brittni
    @ With Love From Michigan


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