Monday, March 14, 2011

A very cool thing happened...

The ability for the blogging community to completely make my day never ceases to amaze me. On Friday I found out the gorgeous Gracie, named two of her new headbands after me. Not only is this a super sweet thing to do but completely made my day. I mean really how often do you get to say someone named one of their creations after you? I already own lots of Gracie's creations and I just have to say I love her headbands, they actually manage to stay on my big head and not slip off during the course of her day. So go on check out her shop, Gracie Bella Butterfly.

Photos courtesy of Gracie..


  1. I saw that she did that and it is SO SWEET--she, you, and the headbands are all darling. :)

  2. Ohh wow! You are really so sweet! Thanks for posting about them and I'm truly glad that you like them :) xx

  3. wasn't it just the sweetest surprise?! i love that i have one named for me too ;)

  4. So pretty! I love what Gracie did, it was so lovely of her!

    x Jasmine

  5. LOVE. :)))

    Looking at yours and the one she made for Micaela, that one fits you and the other fits her. :)


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