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~Wednesday Friendsday - Erin from Pughs' News~

Today I want to introduce you to my dear friend Erin. I am not even sure now how Erin and I stumbled upon each others blog but I am so glad we did. Erin always leaves blog comments that brighten up my day and sends the most gorgeous cards in the mail. I love reading about her life on her blog and hope one day that I will be able to visit her and share a pot of tea. Thanks so much for joining in Erin!

Name: Erin Pugh {Pugh rhymes with Hugh, by the way...}
Location: The beautiful west coast of Canada, in Victoria, BC {a short ferry ride from Vancouver}
Blog name: Pughs' News
Tell us a little about your blog... My blog makes me happy! It's a place where I chronicle the adventures of my little family {me, my British hubby and our two adorable boys}, write reviews of the books I'm reading, talk about my hopes and dreams and goals {writing them down helps to keep me accountable}, share photos; stories of beautiful things I've discovered online, and do my best to appreciate the beauty in life, even on the days when it's a bit of a challenge..

Can you remember the first friend you made through blogging?  I made a few blogging friends around the same time, Cassie of Hydrangeas' and White Daisies and Micaela of Dolce Vita. Cassie and I connected right away, over our shared love of the movie You've Got Mail! We started emailing each other regularly, getting to know each other better. Then she sent me a lovely "Pay It Forward" parcel, and we started sending real mail too. After that it was daily blog comments, Facebook chats and Skype sessions. Micaela and I "met" through her first ever Christmas ornament swap, and we began to write long, newsy letters to one another. I adore both these girls {along with a few other friends I've made along the way}.

Have you met any blog friends face to face? Yes! My dear friend Cassie and I met up in England last summer, and though it wasn't exactly as we'd planned it {just a few hours instead of a few days together}, it was fantastic! We had a delicious lunch and chatted just as though we were the oldest and dearest of friends. My husband, boys and I travelled by train from London to Ipswich and I'll never forget seeing Cassie and her husband James waiting for us on the platform. "There they are!" I said to Alan, and it wasn't at all like we were meeting for the first time, but being reunited. I know that Cassie and I will be friends forever, and next time we're in England, I plan to spend a lot more time with her.

The "oldest and dearest of friends," August 2010
What makes having blog friends important to you? I love the opportunity to meet friends from around the world, to make connections with people who have shared beliefs and interests, to experience a little bit of the daily life of someone whose life is similar to mine and yet completely different. I love sharing book recommendations and recipes and tales of joy {and woe}. The blogging community is incredibly supportive and I've made some great friends through my little blog.

Is there anyone you can't wait to meet or have plans to meet? I'm really excited to be meeting Brandi of Not Your Average Ordinary this summer! She's doing a road trip from California up to British Columbia and I can't wait for her to come stay with me here in Victoria! We've got plans to make brunch, go out to all my favourite cafes and have a great, girly time. Cass of The Plum and Posy will be in Victoria this August and we hope to meet up for a cold drink at Starbucks, and if Faiza does a cross-Canada road-trip, I hope she'll stop by, too! I feel certain I'll meet Micaela one day as well. Not sure when or how, but when we do, we're going to while away the afternoon drinking Starbucks' lattes together, aren't we, M? And then we might put in the LOST dvds and crack open a Dharma beer ;~)
One more blog friend whom I completely adore is Kim, from the fabulous Fill Your Well. That girl is awesome, with a capital A! She and I have exchanged many an email, and a few letters too, and I would love to meet her and hang out one day. I am positive we'd have a fabulous time. Good thing BC and California aren't too far apart. Maybe she'd like to hitch a ride up with Brandi this summer? Either that or I convince my hubby that it's time we took the boys to Disneyland...

Mmm, Starbucks...
1. If a blog friend came to meet you in your hometown, what would you plan to see and do with them? I love it when people come to visit! I'd take them to my favourite restaurant, Pagliacci's for amazing Italian food and the best damn focaccia bread ever. We'd wander around downtown and go to all my favourite shops {books and stationery being high on the list!}. I'd take them to see the Empress Hotel and the boats in the Inner Harbour and for afternoon tea at my favourite little place in Oak Bay. Then we'd head to the beach for a walk along the water. Everyone loves to see the ocean and the snow-peaked mountains, right? I think we'd also stay up late, chatting and watching movies and drinking wine and really indulging in the girl time! Ooh, we'd probably go for cupcakes at some point too...

What do you imagine you would chat about? Books, movies, blogging, mutual blog friends, boys...

What would be for dinner? Tough call. There are some really great restaurants I'd like to take them to, but it's always fun to stay in and make dinner too.

What would your parting gift to them be? It would really depend on the friend, because I like to personalize that sort of thing. But I think there might be a book from Munro's {my favourite little bookstore}, tea from Murchies, a chocolate or two from Rogers' Chocolates, a few Victoria postcards or some notecards from The Papery, and probably a piece of artwork made by these two...

This was so much fun, Megan! Thanks for inviting me to play along! I hope you'll all come visit me on the other side of the world. You can find me at Pughs' News. I'm the one who looks exhausted because I'm constantly chasing my two busy boys around... but I'll be so glad to meet you! And I promise I'll make us a pot of tea.
Erin xo


  1. Erin is one of the loveliest ladies on here and I'm so excited that she got to meet Cassie :)

    Lovely post!!

  2. Thanks for inviting me to take part in this, Megan! Of course one day I'll make it to Australia and we'll drink loads of tea together! And if you ever come to Canada, you know you are always welcome here. xoxo

    PS: Letter in the post soon.

  3. I'm working on convincing Kim to come with me. It'll all depend on her work situation. And your blog makes me happy too, Erin! And I love being introduced to Megan's blog today!

  4. i LOVEEEEED this post Erin! and this series is just fab!!

    erin, when we meet that is EXACTLY what we'll do! i imagine it would be just like when you met cassie... reuniting as opposed to "meeting"-- i loved that and can just picture you and your boys on the train and you saying to alan, "there they are!" it was exactly like that when i met claire this past summer. i wasn't even nervous and when i saw her through the window i immediately started jumping up and down and we embraced for a few minutes :) it was exactly like being reunited! i imagine that's how it'll be for me and you.

    i LOVE you have so many plans to meet blog friends. it makes me smile! :)

    and we do need a skype date soon, esp. now that i have a better webcam on my birthday gift ;)

    adore adore adore!!!

    i can't wait to meet you and your boys-- i think artwork from them would be THE ABSOLUTE best parting gift for sure!!! xoxoxo

  5. Hello Megan
    Erin is a very close friend of mine - the used to be neighbour, she is one of the most lovely people I know! It was fun to read this about her and hope you two meet one day - and enjoy a chat over tea!
    Take Care Kelly

  6. lovely guest post! and pics of the boys always perk up my day!

  7. This is such a wonderful feature! So glad to get to know Erin better!

  8. we will meet for sure! i am sure i will find myself on the west coast and of course if you are ever in toronto my home is yours!

    hope you are feeling better erin.

    (btw hi megan!!!)

  9. Oh I completely adore Erin! It was so great to see her featured and to see the answers to the questions :)

  10. What a lovely guest post! She seems awesome. Going to check out Erin's blog now!

    x Jasmine


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