Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wednesday Friendsday: Tillie from She waits for whispers


I am so excited to introduce Tillie to 'Wednesday Friendsday", this series is all about celebrating the friendships people have made through blogging. Tillie writes one of my favourite blogs "She waits for whispers" and I think you should all check it out! Tillie is just across the ditch from me in New Zealand and hopefully if plans go accordingly I could bump into her when I visit NZ in July - fingers crossed! With out further ado here is Tillie and a little about her home New Zealand.

Name: On my birth Certificate its Natalie Alice Stevens, but my friends call me Tillie... So you can call me that too hehe.
Location: A little room, in a little house, in a little city, in the beautiful little country New Zealand.
Blog name and link: My blog is She Waits For Whispers... come wait with me at
Tell us a little about your blog….  My blog is a place for me to escape, to share, to learn, to collect and to display. Its a little snippet of my life that I get to give to the world. I do hope that you will come and join me.

1. Have you met any blog friends face to face? Living in New Zealand, Im a little far away from so many of the lovely writers that I read (ya'll all live so far away!!) so I havent had the opportunity to really do this at all yet. So! I think everyone should just get on a plane and come and visit me! All at once! Oh wouldnt that be fun! A couple of the girls who I follow are friends of mine from around the city, but that doesnt really count because I got to know them long before they blogged.
2. What makes having blog friends important to you? Well! Really, should the question be what makes having friends important! Its the same deal with the beauties that I have 'met' through blogging, as it is with the people that are physically in my life. These beautiful ladies that share their lives through their blogs have become real life friends, even if we havent been able to go and get that chai latte like you could with your 'regular' friends. My 'blog friends' are there with me through everything, and they become just as important to me as the people that I get to see on a daily basis.
3. Is there anyone that you cannot wait to meet or have plans to meet? Oh boy! Yes yes yes! There are so many amazing ladies that I would just adore the chance to hang out with. I dont even really know where to start. Summer {} is one of the most inspirational women I have ever had the pleasure of calling a friend. Micaela {} is the by far the sweetest girl in the blogging universe. Alana {} is astoundingly creative and clever, and one of the most kind and caring girls I have gotten to know over the last year. And how could I forget, this beautiful lady, who is probably the closest one to me hehe....{}


4. If a blog friend came to meet you in your home town what would you plan to do and see with them?  Auckland is such a beautiful city, with so many different things to see and do. I guess we would have to start with breakfast at my favourite little cafe, Circus Circus. Its so cute, and themed just like a big top, and they have the most amazing food. Then the day would be filled with sight seeing, including a trip up the iconic Sky Tower, for 360degree views of the city, and of course some shopping down High St. For lunch we would have a picnic up on the Mt Eden crater, with some of my friends, and I think to end the afternoon we would all head to one of the beautiful beaches just out of the city, for some hang times with the guitars and cameras! For dinner, We would most definitely be heading to my favourite spot in the city, Tanukis cave, where we would order the best food and drink a little sake. The night would just be starting, when we would go to the organic gelato place, Giapo, that only uses produce from around our beautiful country, have a stroll through the city and end up and my favourite bar, where one of my boys or maybe even me, would be DJing the best rock music and from there... we would dance the night away! 
5. What do you imagine you would chat about? hopefully a bit of everything! I dont really know what we would talk about exactly, but I imagine that once the conversation started it would be hard to stop it. Most of the ladies that I have become friends with have similar loves to me, so I imagine the conversation would be full of all the best things, music, friends, stories about our lives. Maybe even a few secrets along the way. 
6. What would your parting gift to them be? Lately ive been making friendship bracelets again! you know the ones, like when you were a kid and you spent hours knotting different coloured yarns to make pretty patterns. So I would most certainly make them one of them! Who knows what else, maybe a little kiwi soft toy for good measure ;) hehe.

Thankyou so much Tillie for taking part, the collage of places you would take your visitor has made my urge to visit New Zealand even stronger!


  1. oh tillie is so wonderful. i adore her with every piece of my heart. megan and tillie, you make me happy.

  2. Well hello to Tillie! I love this series, Megan. Hope you two do get to meet this year! It is so exciting meeting blogging friends in real life...

  3. Oh that's wonderful. It definitely makes me want to go visit New Zealand one day. I'm sure it will be just beautiful!

  4. ooooh how cute is she!!?

    Velveteen x

  5. I would love to go to New Zealand one day!

    x Jasmine

  6. Yayyyyy! So fun. And heck yes we must must MUST hang out! Email meeeeeeee!!


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