Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Food coach update

Awhile ago I mentioned that I was about to start seeing a food coach. Well I am now six weeks in and so far it has been a really positive experience. I was at a point where I wanted to lose weight but couldn't do it by myself. My food coach is great she is really supportive and has given me so many useful tips that have been easy to apply to my every day life.

Some people have asked me what the role of a food coach is and I thought I would just give a quick run down. Pretty much I keep a food journal of everything I eat and we highlighted my weaknesses (i.e chocolate and ice cream everyday). She then gave me tips on how to manage this and to initiate healthier choices. In addition to this we do measurements and have a general chit chat every week. So far I have lost 3kgs which I am really happy with and definitely leading a more healthy lifestyle.

I don't want to jinx anything but I feel like I am coming out of the hard part. Getting rid of old habits and starting to reinstate a new routine seems to be the toughest part. Ignoring 3pm sugar cravings and ordering a healthy meal when your friends are eating delicious pizza or hamburgers. Making time for the gym when you really want to lie on the couch and watch True Blood.

I thought I would share a few of the personal things that I have found really work for me. These are just my personal experience so take from it what you like and leave anything else.
Always be prepared - having a well stocked fridge, my lunch packed every night for work the next day and snacks in my handbag has reduced the amount of bad takeout I buy or chocolates that I buy on the run when I am hungry.
Sugar and alcohol should be associates not good friends - this is where I have made the biggest change. I love chocolate and wine and it is not something I am prepared to give up completely but I am moderating my intake. I could eat chocolate and ice cream every day but sugar is so hard to break down so I have limited this to a few times a week and not more then once a day. If I am going to drink I try and have red wine.
Move the way you like - I dont love exercising. I really have to push myself to get out there and do it. There is no point pushing myself to exhaustion as I wont want to exercise the next day. Instead I wake up and see what I feel like doing that day. If I really, really dont want to exercise I dont make myself as I am trying not to connect exercising with negative thoughts.
Eating healthy doesn't necessarily mean eating less - I am actually eating more and on a more regular basis. Keeping full on healthy meals reduces any binges that I can be prone to and seems to reduce sugar cravings. I haven't given up junk food completely, I think that is unrealistic considering how much I love pizza and ice cream just trying to moderate how often I have it.


  1. This is really interesting, I'm pleased your are feeling it is going well. I am definitely going to take up some of your tips, especially the one about being prepared. Keep up the good work!

  2. great work megan! i agree with you about being prepared. that is the best advice in all areas of life but especially with food!

  3. totally agree with the last point, I've eaten more since we started our healthy eating - just more the right stuff :)

    well done and keep at it!

  4. I love this approach to healthy eating, because I agree with you that totally eliminating sugar and pizza is unrealistic. I love those things too much and would quit a diet if they banned them permanently. I need to give chocolate and alcohol a rest as well. I like healthy foods a lot, it's just sometimes difficult to make time to cook with my crazy busy schedule.

    Proud of you!!

  5. Thanks for sharing your experience! I think a food coach is a great investment in your health and a nice alternative to paying a personal trainer. Silly me thought you had been referring to eating at a food truck aka coach, LOL. They're such a fad here in Cali, hahaha. Seem you can eat any type of food on four weheels these days. Keep up the good work :)

  6. These are fantastic tips! I am glad it's been so successful for you! I definitely agree that with certain things, moderation is key!

  7. That's awesome! Good for you. After awhile you will think less about those foods and you won't associate things with them anymore (it seems like you are already there). Something that I've found really helps me is to drink something whenever I feel hungry. I take my tea/coffee black and there are hardly any calories in them if you drink them that way. Whenever I feel the urge to snack I have a cup of tea instead (or coffee but only in the AM or else I'll be up all night) or even sometimes a glass of water will do the trick. I have now started to associate tea/coffee as my "treat" or "snack" and this has helped me greatly.

    Brittni, With Love From Michigan

  8. It sounds like you are doing really well though. It's difficult to break out of those food habits. I have a 3pm sugar or snack craving too and it's so hard to not pick up chocolate or biscuits.

    Great tips! I should probably do something similar I think. x

  9. I have decided to start a food diary after reading this ... even though I know it will just cement what I already know - I am addicted to cheese :(

    Awesome work on losing 3kg! :D

    x Jasmine

  10. Great post! I like these tips. I just started doing Weight Watchers two week ago...today actually. It's been good so far. Like you said, I'm eating more, not less. Just making better choices. I like that it keeps me on track and gives me cheat points so I can have that glass of wine or beer when I want it ;)

    Cute blog!


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