Friday, April 8, 2011

shock horror, a little mail post

Wow it has been so long since a mail post, I have been really slack and have a huge pile to catch up on but I will get there eventually.

I participated in Alyssa's Beat the Xmas Blues swap and was partnered up with the lovely Charity, who sent me the gorgeous package above, I absolutely adore the bicycle necklace.
This was the package I sent out to Charity, full of my favourite things jewellery, stationery and chocolate.
Packaging for the swap.
I have slowly, and I emphasis slowly started catching up on my letters. Here is a letter to the wonderful Micaela.

A very over due letter to Belen.
And a first letter off to Jasmine.


  1. I love reading these! I am way behind on letters as well (and on most things in life, given how much I've been working) but am hoping to have some time to catch up this weekend. Fun! Your letters are adorable and what a sweet package. :) Happy weekend Megan!

  2. How lovely. I adore sending mail, I am putting some packs together for a few penpals at the mo!

  3. Yay, mail!

    I loved my letter, if you haven't already got my reply letter you should get it soon!

    x Jasmine

  4. At least you are starting to catch up. It can be so hard. But all your envelopes are looking really pretty. I'm sure they will love it :) x

  5. happy snail mailing! i love seeing canadian things pop up on blogs! and that furry cadbury stuff has me quite intrigued!


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