Thursday, April 28, 2011

spontaneous shopping

I am just going to put this out there, if you haven't already figured it out from reading my blog, I love to shop. It isn't just going home with the new purchase, it's also the thrill of the chase. Writing out the list, researching prices, going into the shops, having a coffee to contemplate your options then going in for the kill. The last wallet I bought I visited the store no less then six times before I purchased it.

Then sometimes you come across something you just can't resist, or stumble upon a crazy sale and your usual strategy flies out the window. This seems to be happening to me more often lately and this is what I have bought home in my basket.
Ring from Equip

Bag from a stall in China town

The clothes in the last photo are all from Dotti. I sometimes think their clothes are overpriced but at DFO they were having a crazy sale and hardly anything I bought was over $7 so I couldn't really resist. 
My spontaneous shopping is over for now though as I start saving for my trip to the US (less then 5 months!!) and I am worried that my faithful laptop is on the way out, so its time to save, save, save.


  1. I've noticed when I plan it usually doesn't work. I find things that I love that was never on the list.

    I love all your buys. Dotti can be overpriced for what it is but when they have sales the prices are a lot more reasonable. x

  2. that dress/top in the second to last photo is LOVELY!

  3. CUTE! What summery colors! I love your new finds and you're right--for $7, you don't even have to feel guilty! So excited about your trip to the US :)

  4. i loveeeee that clutch! SO PRETTY!!!!

    and YES! i'm so excited for your trip!!! if only we could meet. xo

  5. eeeeeeee such pretty purchases! I love the colours!! gorgeous ring and that clutch you bought in China town is super cute!!!! it definitely suits you love! I missed reading your blog! Been so caught up I miss having time for the blogging world! x


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