Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bedroom makeover


Brendan and I got a new bed frame a few weeks ago, unfortunately it has now made me want to completely redo the whole bedroom. I am usually attracted to floral prints, pinks and purples when it comes to bedspreads and the like however this time round I have to take Brendan's preference for nothing too feminine into the equation.
I have come up with the above two options, left being pretty modern and the right being a little more homey and light.

This is the bed frame, which as you can see is pretty modern so I am jusy not sure if a patchwork quilt will really work. What are your thoughts? The first thing I will be investing in though is a new electric blanket it is so cold here aleady, not sure how I am going to cope this winter. It sounds absolutely ridiculous but I forget how cold it actually gets in Winter - Summer lures me into a false sense of security.

I will also be sharing my office makeover soon that I mentioned a few weeks ago.

Sources: patchwork quilt; white lampmirror; laundry basket; candles; bedside table; laundry basket; brown lamp.


  1. What a lovely bed frame! One of my friends got the same one as well. I think maybe stick to safe colours like, black, brown, blue, white and red. Obviously not all together. I had lots of pink and purple quilts but was told from Ben to change them...hehehehe.

  2. I love the bed frame and your choices! I prefer the modern look though I think. Geometric patterns are always good for not being girly, though I ended up getting a plain cover in our bedroom in the end as Thomas is so picky lol.

  3. It's gorgeous! Nice selection! Maybe try some fun earth tones???

  4. I really love that bed frame. You could definitely do earthy colours or maybe shades of blue. You could have subtle floral hints or a few bits of purple with pillows?

    I'm in the same predicament as you. I really want to decorate the bedroom but I can't make it too girly. (I wanted string fairy lights on our bed frame but don't think that's happening) x

  5. I like the patchwork quilt sooooo much--I'm all about quilts and totally think you could use one with that frame. My style isn't really "modern"--I like kitschy, eclectic, colorful designs. Eager to see what you decide on!

  6. I think the patchwork quilt could work, but if you're worried about it maybe you could have white sheets and fold the quilt in thirds or quarters and lie it across the end of your bed as a splash of colour (that you then pull up and use at night).

    It's super cold up here now, I can't even imagine how cold it is down there!

    x Jasmine


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