Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Trip planning

Our Las Vegas accomodation. Too old to be excited about staying in a fake palace?

Our trip is coming along so fabulously, I do feel extremely lucky to be going on this adventure with two of my best friends. Did I mention that they hadn't met before Saturday? Risky business but luckily they get along and I have no worries that the trip won't go smoothly.

Our itinery is all mapped out which is pretty exciting, we are spending three nights in Las Vegas, three nights in San Francisco, six nights in New York and two nights in Los Angeles. Only a quick trip but I am so excited for my very first taste of America.
Right now I am scouring all my favourite blogs from the US to figure out where to go, what to see and what to buy. Is it crazy that I already have a shopping list started?

We have our international flight booked, flying air New Zealand and that was probably one of the most stressful things we will have to do. They are always advertising $1000 flights to LA but apparently they never have many seats for that price so our flights were a little more then expected but it will definitely be worth it. Most of our accomodation is booked. I am so shocked at how cheap the accomodation is in Las Vegas luckily I am not a big gambler and won't be saving on accomodation and losing it at the tables.
Our to do list now isn't even that long now, and we still have five months to go (which I am pretty sure is going to fly by).

In other news I am writing this post on my new Sony E series laptop. My poor Dell kicked the bucket on Saturday but luckily Harvey Norman was having a laptop sale and I wasn't out of action for long. My old computer had been on its way out for the last six months so it is so nice to be using something that works properly.


  1. I cannot wait to hear more about your trip as it comes along, especially the San Francisco parts of course! I hope I can be helpful in suggesting fun places and if I'm lucky, meet y'all for drinks or coffee! You're hitting some of the best cities, of course. Vegas hotels are cheap b/c people spend all their money on gambling--it's so fun! I'm not a gambler either but it's easy to get caught up in the slot machines in the casinos. They have penny slots (so you're not losing any money, really) and they bring you free drinks as long as you are gambling! :) Also, flying from SF to Vegas should only be about $100 round trip if you do it that way. The price may have gone up a bit since gas is outrageous now, but hopefully not too much more than that!

  2. You're going to have so much fun!!!! I hardly gambled at all in Las Vegas, I think I just spent the whole time drinking. Oops! It was a great time though. Looks like a fantastic list of stores to visit, too :-) It's so weird hearing the perspective of people taking a vacation abroad and coming here. I've very rarely ever thought about that from an outsiders perspective, but it's kind of cool to do so!

  3. My parents love to stay in Vegas! The flight is only about 2 hours from here and they always have deals on. The hotels are fancy, but so affordable... especially because they don't gamble. They just tour around and see the sights {Grand Canyon last time they were there}, do lots of shopping and go to the shows. I can't wait to see your trip take shape- it's going to be fabulous!

  4. AHHH lucky you :)

    I'm itching to travel again and the US is at the top of my list.

    Velveteen x


  5. Oh my gosh. This is so exciting. I don't think your too old to be excited about staying in a fake palace :)

    I love your list of places to visit. So amazing! x

  6. Ahh! I am so excited for you - and slightly jealous! You have an amazing trip planned! If you need any San Fran or Vegas recommendations, let me know! Vegas, in my opinion, is the happiest place on earth:)

  7. i can't get over how exciting this all is!!! how much you'll see!!!! and all the places you picked are def just that, MUST SEES! vegas is crazy!! ;) and NYC-- i can't get over it. i crammed so much in 4, you'll have no problem with 6!

    i'm going to san francisco to see Claire in june... to have it all coordinate would have been extra wonderful but i can't wait to see all the photos and hear ALL about it!!!! eeek! EXCITING, indeed!!!!

  8. Heya Megan! Ooohhhh, trip planning is so fun (apart from the stressful bits!). I live in Canada, but have visited all the places on your list and loved them! We have spent a lot of time in San Fran especially and it's such a fun city! OXO Natalie

  9. Anthro: YES
    Forever21: YES
    TOMs: YES!!!!!

    I loooove my Bert's Bees chapstick. It's the only chapstick I'll use. Anthro is pretty expensive, but honestly, their store set-ups are SO gorgeous. I don't always buy things, but it's great just walking thru the store. I LOVE FOREVER21. Greatest deals ever. Period. And TOMs are so amazing. Sure, they're expensive, but it's like walking on clouds. :)

  10. so fun! i was in vegas early this year and the wokfgang puck restaurant at the mgm grand was so yummy! if you make it there try the truffled potato chips. there is also a shuttle bus from the mgm grand to the primm outlets in nevada (about a 40 minute ride) where there are amazing deals to be had! the outlet shopping in vegas is awesome. my bestie and i saw zumanity (cirque de soliel) at new york new york and it was great!

    in nyc there is a cool costume jewellry place called gem story where everything is $2.99. you can get some great accessories for work!

    have so much fun! sounds like a perfect trip with your girlfriends!


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