Wednesday, June 8, 2011

"Sick" photos




Still sick unfortunately. I ventured out to get essential supplies this morning, as seen above, and they seem to be slowly working. I have to say the one good thing about Brendan and I being sick is getting to spend lots of time together being lazy and watching lots of movies and TV. I am trying to drink lots of water and eat lots of fruit so  I can try and join the world of the living again tomorrow. There was a great article on Smaggle today about feeling better when your sick during Winter, definitely worth a read.

The lovely Bianca from Goodnight Little Spoon tagged me to share my top 5 must haves (at the moment). This seemed like a fun little tag and perfectly timed. Play along if you like, in the comments or on your blog.

In my kitchen....
+ Feta 
+ Tomatoes
+ Earl grey tea
+ Balsamic vinegar
+ Peanut butter

In my closet...
+ Blazers
+ Oversized wool jumpers
+ Thick gloves
+ Coloured tights
+ Turquoise jewellery

In my bag...
+ Tissues
+ Lots of lipgloss
+ Stamps
+ Dettol hand wash
+ Sultanas

On my tv...
+ The United States of Tara (so good, addicted!)
+ Real housewives
+ Sons of anarchy
+ Game of thrones
+ True Blood


  1. Hope you get better soon!! Thanks for visiting my blog! I will pass by yours, definetly!
    Kiss from Greece!

  2. Sorry to see that you're sick. Your place sure looks comfy though.

  3. Boo at you beg ill :( but you seem to have enough supplies to see you through!
    Feel better soon,

    Rosie x

  4. Oh no :( I hope you are getting better. Rest up and keep doing what you are doing. I love your list of must haves. Games of Thrones :)

    I too adore turquoise jewellery and oversized wool jumpers. I need more of them. x

  5. Hope you feel better soon hun! :) love your must have lists :) I am loving Game of Thrones too! get well soon!

    Love, Vanilla

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  7. Hope you feel better soon! :)

  8. Megan, I hope you start to feel better soon. I love peanut butter and turquoise jewelry as well! :]

  9. You are so very sweet for mentioning my blog. :) I'm sorry you're still sick but you look cute with your book on your couch! I couldn't agree more about tomatoes, feta, and balsamic . . . and for me, avocados!

    Feel better! xoxo

  10. Aww I hate getting ill! Hope you get better soon, the look of that cadburys chocolate makes me hungry! xxx

  11. Feel better!!.. Your blog is absolutely adorable by the way ;)

  12. thank you for your lovely lovely comment.
    don't ever forget, you're gorgeous :) we all are!

    get well soon!

    much love

  13. Sorry you're not feeling well, Megan! Plenty of tea and rest...

    I feel for you! This past winter was the worst for illness in our family. Seemed like one of us was always sick with some nasty cold or flu!

  14. i need to do an in my bag post soonish!! love the photos!!

  15. hope you get well soon ♥
    lovely blog you got here

    checkout mine if you can

  16. Oh no, being sick is the worst! I took over a week off work a little while ago because I had a strep infection and then I had an allergic reaction to the penicillin they put me on for it! Yuck!

    Also, how good are crumpets? Yum!

    x Jasmine


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