Thursday, July 28, 2011

Outfit: likes and dislikes edition



pants: zara // top: forecast // shoes: bigw // ring & earrings: diva // bracelet: tiffanys

The sunny winter days were having, with no wind. The wind is the killer in Canberra but I am not optimistic enough to say Spring is on its way.
I have signed up for Beauty Box, a fun treat once a month.
That the annual trip I take with my high school girlfriends is being planned.
Its games night - wine, cheese and jenga.
Discovering this gorgeous blog.
Getting a good tax return.
Tandoori chicken wraps, my go to dinner at the moment.

Getting kicked off the family health insurance and having to get my own - I think I am a grown up now.
Already getting a stain on the shirt in this photo - the first time I had worn it.
Veggies and fruit being expensive at the moment, I miss bananas.

What are you liking/disliking this week?


  1. Definitely agree with your dislikes. I bought two bananas yesterday and it cost me $5. It's criminal but banana chips weren't fulfilling my craving.

  2. I love that shirt! And games nights sound fun! We're thinking of having one night a week to play board games, I think that will be a fun tradition, especially when we have kids :)

    I'm liking:
    - Going out for breakfast
    - Chocolate :9
    - Listening to ABC classical radio when I'm in the car

    - Days off going by too quickly!

  3. I miss bananas too! I don't think I've had one all year because of how ridiculously expensive they've been...

    How are you going with Canberra weather? I heard it was -5 last night!

  4. This is such a lovely outfit, very smart but with the layering and detail on the blouse it makes it so much more fun :) I love the coral accessories as well, I think it's one of my favourite trends this summer. Thanks so much for your lovely comment. Alice xo

  5. Love your blouse! I hate it when I stain things on the first wear! typical :)

    Love, Vanilla

  6. I dislike the fact that sleep has been sparse this week. :(

  7. I checked out that Beauty Box site and what a fantastic idea! I wish Canada had something like that!
    I hope you share some of the delightful samples you find in your box. :)

  8. I wish we were having some sunny SUMMER days here in the UK.... And things like having to get your own insurance/dental care/grown up things... it really is a kick to the part of the brain that likes to age myself 3-5 years younger.

    Looking lovely, the shirt is gorgeous and the trousers are a fab colour.

  9. i love the outfit!

    i totally know what you mean about the insurance thing. the same thing happened to me a year ago.

  10. liking the toronto heat and disliking that it won't last forever!

    love your top!

  11. Know what I like? Those pants! I think we're the same size ... care to share? :P

    x Jasmine


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